photo series; an overdue visit

Emmil is Mia’s friend from Penang. One day, Emmil decided to visit Mialand.
He was accompanied by his mommy and reached Mialand by noon (sempat laa mommy Emmil layan Melodi).
Emmil was excited seeing Mia’s toys especially the horse and wouldn’t want to let it go.
Mia was not so keen on the horse as she was busy reading her books.
Mia hopes aunty Leen will buy Emmil the horse for him.
Later that afternoon, both of them went back to Penang and they live happily ever after.


4 thoughts on “photo series; an overdue visit

  1. Emmil loves Mialand so much since there were loads of toys..but Mommy Emmil prefers Emmil to be like Mia who is very keen of books rather than toys. About the horsey..tak payahla beli..daddy Emmil rela di’kuda’kan anak dia hehehe…nanti Emmil will pay Mia another visit to Mialand k !!!! Thanks Mommy Mia for the hospitality 🙂

  2. Emmil ckp mommy dia blaje berhemah laaaaaa…emmil ckp lagik, dedicool takper ah beli byk2…masyukkkkkkkkkkkkk !!!!

    aeyya: haaa oklah tumbesaran dia kekeke..larat lagik aku dukong aa..

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