Two weddings and a birthday wish

This blog of mine has become an update ..for weekends stories uh. Not that I don’t have any other stuff to tell. I do, but.. just went i open up my wordpress page, my mind went blank of stories i wanted so much to tell. Anyhow, another weekend updates.


the bride’s homegarden, turn into a beautiful dias.

One of my closes cousin got hitch last weekend. The nikah was held on Saturday morning, so.. waking up two late riser ‘babies’ are quite challenging. But luckily we manage to arrived just in time.Well, more like together with the groom’s rombongan.heh. Of course, the lovely bride teha.zreen looks gorgeous in her white kurung and veil. Later at the dias, both couple change into a maroon songket.

the newly weds,teha.zreen &

mia havin a blast of time!

“mia say ball…”

me and my daddy’,never go out w/o her dora tumbler.

At the wedding, we met another girl name Mia, about the same age as my Mia too. When asked her full name frm the mother, i lost between her 2nd and 4rd name! Yeah, the girl has 4 lengthy name. And it didn’t help the mother say is im glad we keep our daughter’s name short and simple. The next day, Sunday night, was the reception which held in a dewan. That afternoon, we manage to coax Mia to take her afternoon nap. Just so, she won’t get cranky later during the wedding. And boy she did have a long nap! Approximately 3 hours long.(and so does the husband!!) While both of ’em taking their nap, i on the other hand was happily catching up with brother & sister’s dvd marathon. πŸ™‚

Oh,back to the Sunday night wedding reception, we met with Emir’s family, who is also my distance cousins too. We were glad to be seated together, as both our kid gets to play with each other. Mia was very chatty, while Emir was more reserved at first, but later on, got warm up and tag along with Mia. (will upload their video soon)

Emir is such a cute lil’ fella! specially his blonde-like hair.Seriously Mira!, he totaly can pass as a mix-raced boy! All in all, both kids behave very well! And we must compliment also our hubby (right mira?) for taking care of our kiddo, while us girls busy gossiping and catching up! hehe.. xxxx

And today my dear reader, is my 20-ish birthday! Had an early dinner celeb. with the parents last night.Ma gave me a necklace with a matching pair of earings. And to my surprise, at 12 midnite sharp i received a phonecall frm my old pal (im guessing to wish me,and sure enough), but i was too sleepy to even answered it. This morning, received few bday wish messages, among ’em are my neighbour! who, btw decided to gave a bday dinner for me tonite!!yay! And also, officemate are bringing in cakes as well. I’ve couldn’t ask for more. And..What bout’ the husband? Did he get me anything? ntah la.ada tak dear? But he did wish me my sleep that is. Oh well, have a nice day peeps coz i sure am today.


11 thoughts on “Two weddings and a birthday wish

  1. Happy birthday Ira :D. Semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki. So nice of your neighbour to do that for you. There r still good people in this world kan? hehehe anyways have a great one babe! πŸ˜‰

  2. aida: i think, frm both of our parent’s side!the weird thing is,the curls are comin frm inside,and the strainght hair outerside.

    mira:aiyak..i notice2,nanti i upload it again!

    newrin,anne & fara: thanks guys!!!!

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