Beach fun

My girl

Two days ago,our girl turn 17month old.And come next month, she has another 6mth to go before turning two! Two years old!Gawd i so can’t believe it. As of now, she’s one lil’ missy who so pandai observing and learning new things very fast. Her vocab, i can’t quite catch up,cept for “bye bye” , but she does babbles aLOT, i foresee she’ll be one chatty girl, prolly just like her mommy ..teehee. Her pace also getting faster and faster, almost running like. Can understand easy instructions, e.g put the bottle cap back, take the remote control (hehe for us that is), salam orang, give mummy daddy a kiss, sit down, stand up, put on shoes, ..yeah that’s pretty much what i can remember now.


Yazid celebrated his first birthday party last Thursday. We indulged ourself with the yummylicious nasi dagang and ate like no tommorow. Thanks Hetz & family for having us πŸ˜‰ . Hope Yazid like the gifts.


On Friday, we went to Bagan Lalang for the very first time. The journey took us bout’ an hour, from highway road, until jalan kampung. The milkmonster family & Leen’s family tag along as well, cept Leen’s came in a wee bit later than us. And of course, as we reached there, the sight was pack with people. But it was alright, we manage to find a spot to sit and play with the sandy white sand. This is Mia second time at a beach, but her first time into the beach! She was at first, pretty reluctant to walk bare footed (more like geli..aiyoo!) with the sand, but later on, as she got nearer to the air laut, she got really excited!And wanting more and more of it. Splashing and giggling and screaming (ok,more like mommy doin the screaming actually,coz she was FAST at running towards the ombak). Yazid too had tons of fun! The momment his ayah let go of him, quickly this boy crawling away on the beach. What a cute sight!!

We were half prepared, half as in only mia’s has an extra clothes, and none for me! how forgetful. Of course logically i’ll get wet as well la right.humph. Well, we later headed to eat …,whatelse, Seafood!! Dah lama jugak kepingin seafood, and we finally got it that day. Pictures coming up soon!

oh yeah, mia’s swimshort was left in the, in her diaper it is!

mommy screaming, mia grinning


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