Wake me up..before you go go

The title above actually has nothing to do what’ im about to write about.Well,hokay…maybe it’s because both mia and the husband are asleep now as im writing now, both loves taking their afternoon nap. I used to nap alot too, but heck, since being a mom, every chance i get to have my ‘me’ time w/o both of ’em buggin me ..are true bliss.

Anyhow, its’a CNY holidays, and we didn’t head back to kampung, we have our reasons for that. But of course, we have other better plans too 😉 .

Well, I wanted to update on mia’s latest progress. Not so much on her milestone, just keepin it track thru my babycenter newsletter mail suffice enough. She’s officially now..has wean off frm the PACI!! yay me!yay her(ok maybe not so much on her haha)!but yay!yay!yay!

It started about two weeks ago or so. Initially, the desire to wean her off frm the paci took place when it started to annoyed me, how everytime the paci dropped, I gotta pick up and wash it, and when we go out, how important Not to leave home without it, and yadar yadar yadar.

And the final straw for me to throw it away her paci,is when i take a close look at the overly-used pac, and do not feel like buying any new ones no more. Enough is enough.

So, how did we do it? We didn’t pick any particular week or day, we just do it!cold turkey style. Of course, first attempt wasn’t that easy, she did cried few times, and wanting it badly (she only needs it when she’s sleepy), but me ignoring it and just continue patting her to sleep. Eventually, she did sleep, but taking much longer time then if she’s on her paci.

To cut long story short, she’s officially paci-free at 16mth+, in give and take, two weeks. If you ask, did we gave her any subtitute, nope.Nada. No pillow to hug (she’s not fond of it), no teddybear or whatnots.

Oh darn!the lil’missy has woken up.Gotta run.Ta’.


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