freakin user

if you notice i barely write entries on my office work. i want to (sometimes), but rather choose Not to, reasonbeing i know some of my readers are my office collegue, tho’ some collegue think i do not know ’em readin it, but i do actually, just pretending not to. anyhow, today is an exceptional. cut me some slack will ya. earlier this morning, i was freaking mad with this particular ‘user’ of’s another thing to be calling me on my personal line (which in the first place of course was given by other party) and bugging the hell out of me everyday.i’m not a robot hokay, so be patience.of course i try my very best to gave what’s required, but some days,i might slip out some mistakes, to err is human. so basically, my conversations with the said users was an unpleasant one. heck, and i don’t feel bad after that. of course,i still do what’s need to be done. i don’t need to be told one to many times (who freaking like kan?), a gentle reminder of email , justify enough.

on a happier note, thank gawd tommorow is a holiday (hari wilayah), so extra long weekend. Also, im attending my first class of ****. can’t wait! oh ya, this entry is a comment off.