Second Thots?

Of late, I’ve been thinking and day dreaming of having the second one. Yupp, u heard me. Another baby sister or brother for mia. I melted easily seeing a new born baby pictures & story, or reading other blogger’s first pregnancy experience and even felt excited upon knowing another blogger’s second pregnancy (who is btw one hawt-petite glowing mom).

I missed the smell of a newborn, the first kick and movement of the baby in my belly, the ‘everything i wish’ was granted by the hubby (food la mainly) and the journey into motherhood are just amazing (minus the 2 months of terrible morning sickness). Then of course, another push factor for me personally, to have another kid is knowing great maternity outfits in town (how kiasu is that), a better knowledge in breastfeeding (i miss this!) and the maternity leaves of course!!

But of course, I feel that way now, since i am surrounded with their lovely stories, and excitement, but I cringe at the thoughts of not having a good night sleep, the confinement period, the uncontrolable cries (can be coming frm both baby and me!), the ranging hormone and the post-partum depression. But, those little-little things that makes me…who i am today, grateful in a way im blessed to conceive mia w/o any medical probs (or delay, very fast too i would say!) , thankful for a loving and supporting hubby (he’s so gonna puke at it!i know!), more patients, more compromise, and in returns my life are more content. What more being a mommy myself, has open up my eyes understanding a mother’s role much much better.

SO, when’s is it? Well..not at the nearest time yet la, but seriously the idea is there. Of course, if Allah All Mighty were to blessed me with another baby soon, I’ll be happy nonetheless. Some say, better get over and done with pregnancy+kids, once they all grown up,and it’ll make your life easier, since body and mind still young, and the energy is still there.True. While the other party says, wait until the first one are much older, he/she can comprehend the idea of having another sibling, so that you’ll have undivided love & attentions for ’em, and won’t face the guilt of leaving the first born felt left out. True also. However, I personally believes everyone have their own says. My own mother has three of us, one after another yearly, until my last bro is seven years apart. She admitted, it was tiring and very challenging at that point of time, but.. soon learned, she was happy to see us all close, as the age gap and share the same generations era. Well, as for my last bro’, the manja one, he had all the attentions and luxuries unlike our time.

In today’s lifestyle, like ourself, I would much rather plan for the second time round. Have more stability financially, physically and mentally in good health as well. I hope, when the second one comes, i’ll be a much wiser mommy. For now, Mia dear, enjoy with your playdates first hokay honey!


“are you guys ready for another one??”


18 thoughts on “Second Thots?

  1. i felt d same way everytime i saw pregnant ladies, newborns etc. i had an easy pregnancy but i struggle a lot in d labor room which haunt me for about 1week..

    plan to have 2nd one once my hani reach mia’s age kot, nway go ira!!! later u can share ur xperience with us hehehe

  2. i really look fwd for dedicool’s comment on this hahahaha…i feel the same way too but i look fwd to have u being pregnant as well when my time comes..miss our old days 2-2 mak buyong jalan2 gi midvalley..!

  3. yatie:mornin sickness sucks kan!u experience with both pregnancy ka?

    Aida:yupp thats fore sure!and ..when both party agree also that is..hahahaha

    newrin:ahaks..well,i pray u have yours soon too 🙂

    leen:yeah,lets wait what he have to say, tho’ we DID have a conversation ’bout it few nights ago,hence the entry haha.. and yes leen,i would wanna YOU to get pregnant same timing as me!!hahaha

  4. I had aziq when afiq was a mere 9 mos old. But I would say he pretty much ‘understands’ the concept of sibs by kissing my tum EVERY nights and wave and ‘talk’ to him every now and then. So I guess babies can comprehend the concept of another sibs even at a very young age IF you teach them so. From my own experience, you don’t have much problem on first born of closed gap babies, coz the first one would prolly be at 1,2 or 3 where they are at their cutest age, takut nanti yg second one tu yang ‘terabai’ sikit hehe. But far gap babies, yes, coz older kids dah kureng le sikit cute nyer kan, so definitely the younger ones get most of the attention.

    So, apalagi, kerja keras la sikit from now 😛 Imagine all the happiness both of you had with mia alone, now all that times 2 (or more)! I would definitely say Go For It, NOW 🙂

  5. Seriously ira, go for it! Come and join the club.

    It’s really fun to have 2 (or maybe more) in a row. Penat sikit la at first, but really worth it when u see them growing up 2gether, playing 2gether. Mcm rayyan & diklan, now they will miss each other when rayyan is at school. Tp bila balik school, the war will start.

    agreed with mom2que, they’ll understand the concept of siblings IF you teach them so.

    Dedicool, apasal diam2 je. confused? 😉

  6. ira..both of us had the same conversation too last weekend..but it seems that he’s the one having the trauma hahahaha…all he said was rileks laa dulu..penat tgk u pregnant that day…takutla…dahtuh mcm mana??

  7. ira
    first baby -not morning sickness but 24/7 sickness , i was underweight. giler masa tu really scared to get preg
    2nd baby – just light morning sickness but tired because my first motnh baru 3month i get preggy.and off couse tak cukup tidur
    for 3rd one — takut dah nak pikir

  8. eleh dedicool tuh gempaq jaa lebih..kalau ada 2nd one pun sure ada tour europe..just that kena postphone to later date jek.. MPV tuh…haaaaa kalau pakai MPV kena byk anak..mmg dedicool nak anak ramai ah tuh..nak penuhkan semua seat kekekekeke….kalau kata ada 2nd one byk pakai duit kan..unser pun adaaaaaaa….takpun avanza kekekeke…*pis

  9. Go for it ira! Hahahaha. I wish I could too. But for me, since Jon is 2+ now.. its easier to think for a 2nd one. At least you can let down your guard skit with the elder one. Go Go Go…

  10. yatie:but then again,u got a pair d,just nice …so can ‘close shop’ dah 🙂

    the rest: omgawd..u guys!! hahahahaha… then,anyone wanna volunter jaga my kenit2 tak??!

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