Mommy in me

i know i’m a mommy because i accidently carried my daughter’s diaper , to office ,not 1 but two! (one in each bag pulak tu, the laptop bag and the handbag).i know i’m a mommy because, her pacifier is Also in my bag. i’m so a mommy, because i found out i so love munchin her ‘tiger biscuits’ leftover …which is ,yes,in my bag too. and i rememberd, the other day, i also brought along her wipees as the office. well, everythings hers cept’ si pemakai herself.hah!


an update on mia. well, she’s one busy young lady , ever so testing her mommy’s patience and loves driving me nuts, with her antics / tactics/ stunt. let me tell u, she just loves to follow me to the kitchen. kitchen is her new playland. i think i should take back the neigbour’s playpen! i can so visuallize, her screaming her heads off if i were to put her in there, knowing she’s now a steady walker and climber.oh, and just yesterday i tried blocking the kitchen with chairs, laundry basket and her toyride-horsey. nope, didn’t last long. she pushed those chairs with all her strenght (kuat jugak si kenit nih) and succeeded! sigh.and dan dan time tu she wanted to seat and play with her horsey, and requested it to be put back at its rightful place. banyak akal betul! and just few night past, ted and i caught her playing on her own, in the abandon walker (which we place it in the living hall corner), and seating it quietly in there for a good 5mins, before she cried calling us to ‘rescue’ her . yupp, she hop-in the walker by herself, and the walker is not even in a standing position. so kelakar ! will post up the pic, so u guys can imagine how it looks like.

anyhoo.. this year, i foresee lotsa plane rides with the kenit. we’ve booked few holiday destination this year. (gah!need to save up to enjoy the trip to the fullest). just this one occasion, i might have to handle her on my own during those flight rides, since ted will be boarding in another flight, in another state, due to his work related stuff . since she’s so mobile now, i pray hard, she will be a well-behave tod during those hours.

on another note, my ever so friendly neighbour, will make a move end of next month, coz the landlord decided to sell off the aprt. so sad. sad for us, sad for mia too i bet. just when mia has gotten use with having two cheeky girls entertainin her, with the occasional hang out every weekend, or weekdays. we sure gonna miss them so much. heck, even my neigbour’s husband tried lookin any 2 next to next apartment just so we both can still be neigbours. we’ve gotten to be so close, eversince mia was born. sigh. she told us, they’re planning to stick to the neigbourhood, just maybe not in the same area.

****** anyhoo… today’s the milkmonster‘s birth date. happy 1st yazid and yazid’s mommy daddy (parenthood aniversary)! welcome to the toodlerhood buddy!


9 thoughts on “Mommy in me

  1. aaaa…emmil pun dah start buas laa ira…he just discovered his legs..since then he refused to be dukung..nak gak jalan using his push car eventhough tak steady lagik. habis dia langgar furnitures atuk dia haha..penat2..but good alsoo huh..leh reduce weight hahahha

  2. Hahah! I have Irfan’s binky and wet wipes in my handbag too! I just leave them there – in case of an emergency. LOL!

    Nways, don’t worry about ’em flights – it should be okay. Just make sure you have all the necessities packed! 😉 Have fun!

  3. hehe can’t wait to see the pic of mia in the walker. must be hilarious. 🙂
    i also recently brought with me yazid’s bib and wipe cloth inside my handbag. kelakar lah us mummies ni 🙂
    so fun lah dengar ur holiday plans. wish we cud join u but jazlan pulak ada weekend commitments from next week onwards :(. hopefully we can join the july trip, insyaAllah

  4. nadia:hehe..u too uh.yah,tats my excuse also (in case of emergency!). yupp, will make a list of must-haves on that trip. thx!!

    hetz:tolong la tgk nanti the pic.i’ll upload it mlm nanti. and i too hope u guys can join us that july trip *wink wink

    dedicool: yaaaa yaaa yaaaaa 😛

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