Special Day

It’s the husband’s birthday today (happy birthday hun!).A year older for dedicool and a month older, as Mia turns 16mth old today too. Both holds the number 9 on date. Now, lets see if we could plan for the next one to be born on the 19th (any month will do) . 🙂

Besides the hubby’s birthday celebration today, this morning we had a ‘mini-disaster’ back home. Nothing serious really (phew) but Mia escape merely by few inches away from a scatters of broken (huge) mirror. She woke up early today (two days in a row dah! early as in before we get the chance to get ready for work in peace!), normally she is one susah kid to to be woken up specially on week day.

To cut the story short, we have a huge mirror located near our entrance door, where we set up on the shoe cabinet, with a table runner. So yeah, you’ve guess it. She pulled the thing, and wallah! the mirror dropped and habis kaca berkecai, and luckly! seriously LUCKLY i was there just beside her. And thank God it didn’t hit her head.

Quickly carried her away from the scene, checking whether anything caught on her.She was, of course sobbing terriblly, from the shock. It happen so fast, that i doubt it both ted and i couldn’t even safe it. I’m glad, she’s ok. I placed her in the highchair, while ted clean up the mess. She seat Very quietly overlooking both of us. Guess she knew, she make the wrong move. It took us quite awhile to clean up, because it involve big pieces of broken glass. Yeah, end up late to work (nothing new btw!haha) .

Yes, lesson learn. At this age, i should be prepare with more adventures and mishaps like this coming from this little girl of ours. 


8 thoughts on “Special Day

  1. haaaaa !!! seb baik !!! syukur Alhamdulillah nothing happen to Mia and to semua lah.. u know how ugly broken glasses can harm benda2 bernyawa nih..dengar shattering glass nyer sound pun sangat mengerikan already…guess every little thang in our cribs might turned to hazardous and harmful little pieces of art huh…extra alert we must..!!!!

  2. Glad to hear that Mia was alright. Guess have to do away with all those fancy stuffs cos now that she started walking, have to get anything dangerous out of her way… glass, cups, hot water, long string and start locking up your cabinets :). No fun eh.

    Happy Birthday to the old man!

  3. leen:itu la dia..benda nk jadi kan.yes, definately extra alert the nexttime round.sigh.i miss the mirror ‘d. 😦

    tina:yah thx tina 4d advice. and If only they sell special safety gates (which i saw byk in babycenter.com!) here!like those elongate type.

  4. God, this is so scary. I’m so glad to hear she’s fine. u’re right have to be prepared for more ‘advantures’ now that she’s so mobile etc.
    Anyway happy bday to Ted and Mia and also selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah to the three of you 🙂

  5. phew, that was close.. yes, we have to remember, malaikat memang jage budak-budak.. it happened to me once, emir jatuh katil but surprisingly he fell on the carpet and the carpet was quite far from the bed. well it still hurt but at least lessen the pain. and hey, dont u think mia has learnt something.. at least she already has the sense of TAKUT!!.. anyway., hepi bday dedicool

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