Night post

There’s a loud bang coming from our apartment floor, momments ago. Send sms to my neighbour, asking whether she heard it, to which she replied, it was coming from her next door neighbour, who.. happen to lock herself out!Pity. But, for heaven sake, does she actually think by banging the door, it work? i doubt it dude. better call the locksmith, save the energy (but not so much on the moolah) . Well, luckly we ( including the kenit too) haven’t slept yet .. so, we don’t really mind, but pity the rest of our neigbour apt.floor who have to endure the noise.

Anyhow, what’s up with us la familie? Well, what i can tell you for sure, ever since Mia got her kaki, the momment she wake up, she’ll stand up and gets herself ‘busy’ walk walk walk, every nook and corners of our house. And oh! she just Loves hanging out in the kitchen and by the balcony’s grill door. Those two places are her top list places MUST go! it just drives me up the wall sometimes, specially if she decided to play on the dirty kitchen’s floor. Unfortunately, we can’t install any safety gate to restrict it, due to the apt design. It’s just impossible. Unless, we asked someone to customade it for us. oh well!

At 15mth-ish, she’s getting more and more chatty! non-stop babbles with us, with our friends and sometimes with strangers. I wonder whether its the genes or.. its a girl thing uh, or it’s just her!haha! Just minutes ago, she played with ted’s ink pen, and i only got to realise it .. when i was wondering why she was being too quite. Lo and behold, she has inked- her fingers!! Nasib, she didn’t drew up her face! or the walls. Yeah, our fault also for leaving the pen around.

Earlier this evening, the milkmonster family came over, just hanging out with us. It wasn’t in the plan, but we sure glad you guys came! eventho’ the weather was raining heavily. Ted took the chance taking pictures of yazid & mia’s together, behind our ‘so-called white studio’. Will post up the picture when it’s ready ya! So stay tune!

Until the next post, toodles!





4 thoughts on “Night post

  1. hey Ira, thanks for letting us gatecrash your house yesterday :). terer betul u whip up your ‘killer dish’ (as ted puts it hehe) in such a short time. kalau i confirm kasi biscuit cream crackers je kot. hahaha
    anyway hopefully next time we can plan a swimming date for the babies. looking at their reactions yesterday (especially my jakon baby) mmg dah tak sabar2 nak masuk pool :p

  2. jom outing..!! i’ll be in town this 18th january…owh..something very2 heartbreaking happened to emmil yesterday. i told dedicool bout it. sakit hatiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!

  3. hetz: yes yes ..must get our babies to the pool!but first,get yazid his swim gear la babe!!and u too! 🙂

    mira: rumah i mmg tade hiasan mcmtu..hehe,so pretty safe,cuma we need to re-arrange the furniture blocking some areas,for safety(and also frm her making MORE mess) purpose.gah!

    leen: buzz me when u get HERE!this time must jadi one!!

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