Oh dear!

Up until now, I still make calls for Mia’s bbsitter during working hours, checking up whether she had her milk, her lunch, did her poo and so on. Sometimes once, sometimes twice. Depends. Yesterday was non exceptional, only different is .. something happened to her. Well, she got into a small fight. Whatelse, berebut toys!

And knowing Mia, once she gets a hold of a toy (or not toy most of the time) , its hard for us to take it away. She’ll scream bloody murder if anyone attempt it! So yesterday, a boy (same age as her) tried grabbing it from her. Of course she refuses to give in. They fought and one end up crying. Who else, my daughter lor. She kena gigit from the boy, ..who also happened to be my friend’s son. I bet Mia cried out loud! as I can see the bruise, of the boy’s teeth marking on her right arm. Boleh tahan juga lah.

The bbsitter was telling me, it seems that the boy has a habit of biting ppl, who gets in his way. And by far, every baby in the house dah kena, and left Mia the only ‘survivor’, until yesterday’s mishap. So.. how do i feel? Seriously, I wasn’t mad nor am I upset. I know sooner or later, this thing bound to happen. Only, i never knew it’ll be at this age.. ingat sometime later in kindergarten ke. Oh well! Kids being kids. I won’t blame the boy, tho’ I Do wish the bbsitter should have handle the situation Before it happened, since the boy has the tendency of biting kids.

At the end of the conversation, I asked,”So did she finally gave in the toy to him?”, to which she replied, ” Not at all! She kept holding it tight!”. In which, quietly i said “That’s My Girl!!”. hehe. Later that night, the boy’s mother gave me a called, with non-stop apologizing to both of us. She felt really ashamed of her son’s behaviour, and of late she has been calling up other kids’ parents as well. Pity her too.

I believe no parent would want her kid to be bullied nor be the bullier. Hope Mia got toughen by this incident.



9 thoughts on “Oh dear!

  1. alamak! kesian nya mia! anyways, she’s a li’l fighter alright! atta girl!

    u know, about the bullying part, i often think abt stuff like that. gib has many cousins and he’s a pretty determined chap, but i get nervous thinking abt how i’d handle situations like this as they grow up. just an hour ago he was fighting with shamel over some books and both of them wouldnt give in. so, in the end, i had to be the cruel mummy and took away everything from both toddlers. kesian betol! both of em were not happy.

    seriously, oftentimes i have no clue how to handle situations like this!

  2. TELL me bout it! i pun tatau ..what more if the situations keeps on repeating! lets hope..not too soon lah they get into this kinda fight/bullying thing.

    and i dont think ur being cruel lah taking toys frm both of em.i think thats fair & square.dua dua tak dpt.senang!hehe.. tho’ kecian aa kan.hehe

  3. wahhhh cayalah mia, girl power…she fight for her rights, kena gigit pun but still holding on her toy… dont let boy bully u okke πŸ™‚

    ira, tht’s mean she a fighter, she’s a strong girl .. tapi kan, i guess memang boys suka gigit2 orang, coz i remember last time, my bro loves to bite people too, especially girls around mia’s age..sampai jerit2 budak tu kena gigit

  4. hehe yay for Mia, mmg a fighter betul. πŸ™‚
    but i know what you mean, takleh nak marah lebih2 cuz what if one day anak kita yg buli anak orang kan? i pity the mum nak kena call all the parents to apologise. kesian. and i hv to agree w newrin, boys mmg suka gigit. yazid is a biter himself (ask ted i thk ted dah kena gigit by him on saturday heheh) . harap2 its just a phase, if not i pulak will be like ur friend, kena call everyone to apologise.. hehehe

  5. newrin: oh dear!! ur bro also like that aa… hehe, sure ur mom also fening. but how lei to teach toddler at this age,Not to bite ppl? i hope mia won’t gigit also la, but she does hv the tendency to ‘ketuk2’!

    hetz: muaahhaha yeah! padan muka ted! but, itu lah ,what if It were our kid buat perangai mcm tu.how how?!

  6. sian nye mia… now i dah rasa takut to send my kids to kindy next year takut kena buli…or membuli.

    see first la..so far my son only bite himself and my dotter only scream (which make you becaome deaf) if they angry.

  7. Kecian Mia. Its normal for kids to fight but hurting one another tuh… kena jaga skit la. Hopefully, the bbsitter can handle the situation better next time kan. This incident will make Mia stronger and I think she won’t let it happen to her again… ahaks.

  8. yatie:ops..i hope this entry didn’t turn u off to send ur kids to kiddy!but as long as u kid tak hurt saper2, i think thast good lah! i personally think,its the adult (name it teachers or bbsiter) at that point of time, should be Wise enough to tackle the situation beforehand kan.

    tina: ya poor her.now, the bruise dah kurang skit, but it is Still there! wanted to take a pic of it…but heck, the father too lazy to take out his SLR. anyhoo.. yah,hope that has toughen my baby! πŸ™‚

  9. is ok ira..actually is part of the learning curve for the babies so that next time they’ll be stronger and more competitive same time kita leh ajar diorang on tolerance jugak kan πŸ˜€

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