Photo Series; Dewa19 Concerto

– crowd of 12k ppl.

– blue flare all over Once (susah gak nk shoot concert nih)

– somehow i like this pic.

– This Andra quits uni (Degree in Interior Design) for music.

– The so-so Mulan.

– I like this one too.

– So-so pic.

– She got attitude and i loike .. hehe *grin

– Dhani dueting Sheila Majid. Not bad.

– Nice !! I recently synced her full album to Mummy’s iPod. No regret.

– “remuk hatiku .. lalalalala .. “

– More pics at my flickr.

I had a blast night during the concert but having them performed right in front my eyes is purely orgasmic.
* i’ve read somewhere, ppl said concert > sex .. nk sokong ke tak aa ??!


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