My Santarina

So ma’ came back sometime 2 weeks ago and bought great stuff for the three of us. Of course, Mia’s toys and clothes outbeat our stuff, what more her being the first and only cucu from my side of the family.

One of the dresses she bought was this bright red-white ribbon dress frm It’s a play-dress up dress (uh get it?) . Since we had a wedding to attend on the christmas day, so why not get her dress-up with this lil’red dress of hers.Besides, when and where else could she wore.

she looks like a santarina don’t u think so?


And I must say, this young lady here, been getting out and about almost everyday with us. Name it weddings, shopping malls, pools and playgrounds. And she sure enjoys it to bits. What more, she’s begining to love walking (and we hardly see her crawling anymore) so when the stroller stops, she’ll shriek to be strap off!Nak jalan aje.

Ma’ was brilliant to get us also this harness gadget. What a great timing indeed! We haven’t got the chance to try it yet, coz everytime we’re out, selalu terlupa! I wonder what would strangers think of us parents doing uh. Peduli kan lah uh.

Besides all that, Mia got her first lappie! A baby laptop frm vtech and some educational toys. Ma’ somehow does not believe in buying her barbie dolls. Haha.Oh! And Kiddo’s mom, I know you wanted me to put up pictures of the stuff we got from the US, but ..since i took using my compact camera, it turns out sucky!!I’ll gmail u lah ye. The rest, Happy Holidays! And Happy New Year!


14 thoughts on “My Santarina

  1. She’s so cute in her red dress lah. mmg mcm little santarina betul. hehe
    i agree w the rest, don’t bother w all the stares and looks which ppl will definitely give once you start using the harness. let them think what they like, most important is mia’s safety. i myself am planning to get one of those as soon as yazid can walk. 🙂

  2. a relative of mine, told me a story,back then..masa dia pakaikan anak dia the harness,she heard a remark frm othr parents saying “u better behave,or else mummy daddy wear u that ‘thing’ on u!”. she was mad ofcoz with the remark. But Now, her kid at 5yrs old,still wore the harness, ada parent came up to her and ASK where to Get IT instead! i guess, lepas that tragic incident baru org sedar la uh.

    hope mine turns out a positive remarks too!thanks guys!

  3. first, she is so damn cute with her santarina dress!! comel!! boleh masuk pakaian beragam, pakai macam fairy tales., sure macam princess hehe..

    and secondly, teruskan usaha anda!! lagipun anak kite, we never knows wat will happen in a second. mulut orang surely tak boleh tutup!!

    and third!! congrats mia!! dah pandai jalan

  4. Mia so cute. Your mom has great taste. It fits her just nice… and timely too! (for Christmas… ho ho ho).

    Glad that your mom got Mia a harness. And a cute one too. I have 1 in the diaper bag all the time. Well, its for the safety of our kids. Dun bother what other people say la. I take your post as a reminder to me to always use it cos sometimes malas gak nak guna. Hahahaha. But better be safe than sorry huh.

  5. she looks so cute. when i 1st read the title, i thot u meant ur ma’ as the santarina, coming back frm US with lotsa gifts. hehe granny santa kot eh? and when i look at mia’s pic, i teringat snow white, instead..heheh

  6. mia’s so cute! especially in her red dress. best ye mia, the only grand child, confirm semua org bg gift best-best.

    About the harness, just do what u feel right. people will surely la say something…buat dek je…

    mia can walk already…boleh la mintak kat dedi clarks first shoes…:)

  7. mira:pakaian beragam uh? ok gak tu! hope it still fits her for a long time. bila kita nk bawa our kids swimming?!

    tina:ya thank gawd for my mom’s taste..kalo my dad,aiyaa..hehe.u also got harness? ha bley la 1day we go outing,both kids also with it! 😉

    mrszyi: it is actually a double meaning! pandai u!

    shida:ha a..dah bli pun. and pretty comfy also i must say, itu si kenit ni nak berjalaaaaann aje!

  8. hi there!

    the ‘harness’ is actually quite common. i recently saw a lot of parents using it in Japan and Korea.

    Also, my mom used it for my brother because he was such an uncontrollable toddler. Lol. and that was 10 years ago. =)

  9. wow!u mom used it 10 yrs ago uh… !

    here in m’sia, not that many parents use it,..thats y it could be abit ‘pelik’ .
    but, i guess, the society are more open nowdays i hope.

    anyways,thanks for dropping by Shaz!!

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