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I’m a sucker for calendars and organizers. Specially those spiral desk calendars! And most importantly for me, I love the ones that dates are in white boxes, whereby it makes my life easier to jot down, or doodle, scribbles important dates to remember or do. I’m old fashion like that. No amount of high-tech calendar organizers gives me the satisfaction. Sadly, the company I work does not give out the desk type, so every year I’m in search of a new ones.
Back in schooling days, I remembered, making my very own calendars, highlighted (mostly exams day, holidays, birthdays) and come up with funny-cute drawings just so the calendar seem more lively & interesting. Well, at least to me that is. As I am no more rajin as i use to be, so I’m adding into the list of “must have” things to start my 2008, with a brand new calendar! gosh! how corny!

p/s: also have a look at this website. such cool calendar designs.


6 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. ira, i pun mcm u! i loovee desk calendars with not too small white squares for each day so i can jot down stuff and deadlines with coloured pens! the best ones are the ones big enough to have a whole month of squares on one page hehe…the current one i’m using is super duper cute with inspirational quotes and kiddy drawing, too bad the year is coming to a close 😦 tp ur employer punya calendars pun not bad jugak..very pretty, but not my kinda thing 😉

  2. i used iCal on my macbook .. pun kotak2 gak cam korang suka tu jugak ..
    lagipun, what r other coolest things to have besides Apple stuff nowadays ..
    sooo .. get a Mac !!

    * can anyone sense iPhone coming rite up ??!!

  3. dalie:haha you too?!great! any particular shop u buy the calendar? i too love the kiddy calendar type,coz some of ’em comes with a sticker,pretty cool kan!

    mrszyi:yes yes google r my fav search engine 😉

    dedicool:tp tak ‘feel’ lah calendar mcmtu!

    tina:thx for link!

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