Barely a month ago she was hospitalized, and now she is back to having high fever and coughin. I am mad, I am tired and I am surefly fed-up as hell. No one in my house is sick, nor have fever or coughin or flu, and wherelse could she get it IF not from the babysitter(bbstr) place. Of course, some would say, kalau nak sakit tu, sakit jugak. Yes, I know.. but if only the bbstr could take extra precaution (she sounded sickly lately) and take less kids to take care of.I know I’m selfish for saying that, but I can’t help it. I won’t go further details of our current bbster, but one thing for sure, we’re seriously thinking of changing to a new one (which I’m sure it’s not going to be an easy transition, since Mia is not fond of new faces) . sigh.

Deep down in my heart, I felt a little envy with friends who have mother or MIL, or even maid to specially take care of their kid(s). Don’t get me wrong, my envy are in a good way. How would I not be jealous knowing the child are being taken care by their own flesh and blood lovingly, at the expense of their very own home, if not a dedicated caretaker ,while we are left with a bbstr who sometimes don’t quite lift up to my liking.I know, I’m b*tching bout her right now because I know it felt good to have someone to blame at, but of course, I take it as God are testing us with this dugaan.

And don’t say why not leave my daughter with my mom or my in laws. The husband and I both do not agree with the idea AT ALL. Biar la susah senang bersama-sama. Besides, pa and ma are an avid traveller & golfer, and I wouldn’t want to burden them, tho’ they do love their only grandchild unconditionally. Besides, I believe this is their time to enjoy their golden years doing what they enjoy most together. As for the MIL, also, too far away from KL, plus, she has two cucu to be taken care of. Kecian orang tua jaga budak kecik.I’ve seen it, and poor her. And why not take a maid? Well, i have my personal reason for that. Just Not now.

All been said, we took Mia to see her paed today, and doc. prescribe her with antibiotic together with othr med. We still have her left over ubat at home, we just thought it’ll be wiser to have extra for the in-case scenario. Just momment ago, hubby uploaded pictures taken last weekends. FYI, Mia was fine at that point of time, her fever very pelik, only comes during night or late evening. As usuals, hangin out with the Modds and the Milkmonster family are always fun!fun!fun!



18 thoughts on “Envy

  1. poor u… yeah i agree bbsitter with 12 kids to care for is a big No-No. dont worry about not wanting maid and all yet la, it’s normal. if i stay in an apt i wouldnt want a maid either! u should scout around for another bbsitter or nursery.. mia’s older a bit so not so risau kan for her?

    hope mia gets well soon!!!

  2. yup true what kiddo’s mom said. 12 kids mmg is way too many kot. i dont blame you for feeling angry about that. hope you guys get to find a good one for mia soon. in the meantime byk2 bersabar 🙂 and yeah hope mia get well soon. take care!

  3. hmm, same dilemma here. in fact, our case is worse. nursery, u can imagine how maannyy kids, babies there. but we have to, terpaksaa..nk buat mcmana..

    iman’s now having flu (again..) hmm biasa laa when ur kids sakit, u will feel depressed and rasa mcm hopeless, always thinking “knp anak2 org lain x de pun kejap2 sakit?”..

    seems like u guys really had fun..bes nye..

  4. i feel for you. i really really really do. it’s so tough having a kid who gets sick easily. there was a stretch of time when gib got sick back-to-back (tak berhenti henti for months, i tell u, one after one after one).. ada lah a few times tu i just broke down and bawled. memang totally lost it.

    about choosing to send to babysitter, biar lah apa org nak cakap.. bottom line is, mesti lah we want to do what’s best for our baby and our families! i respect u for choosing not to send mia to your parents. it’s a big deal. not many ppl would be so considerate to their parents! kiddo’s mom is right; if i duduk apartment, i wouldnt want a maid too!! a maid would intrude my private space!

    praying hard that mia gets better, insyaallah! hugs to you both!

  5. the same thing happened to me and eya. she too had a high fever, coughing and flu in the weekends but the worse thing is she kept crying/screaming thru the night sampai suara pun hilang. really felt like crying with her.

    really thankful that eya got a good nursery and when she sick I can leave her with mom. yes, do agree with you that living in apartment is not that suitable to get a maid. no privacy at all.

    btw, eya is fine now and hope mia get well soon….

  6. ala..poor thing. sure hopes Mia is on a speedy recovery. and hope u can solve the childcare issue soon too. Whatever you decide to do later, and how it turned out pun be assured that you have done the best to your effort and means for your baby kan.. dont fret too much. as hard as it seems, this too shall pass.. insyaAllah..

  7. kena byk sabar ira.. i really feel u..like emmil, he rarely sihat more than a month. reaching his 1st year i think in average once a month sure at least kena flu. u know la nursery..even if we jaga our lil one gila2..ada jek budak lain sakit sure kena..mmg very depressing…but many said that this happened at the early age until their body resistents are fully functioning. after that insyaAllah ok. try giving mia Schott’s Emulsion.Leen dah start bagi and so far Alhamdulillah..at one time i do think nak carik maid. but thinking back..it will create more problems. take care !

  8. kiddo’mom & hetz:yeah,she’s a year old d’…so,im not that worried unlike during her early days.a ah,i did a headcount 12budak..ramai la kan!about’ the same age pulak tu.thanks for the advice babes!and mia’s fever has subside.alhamdulilah.

    mrszyi:ho yes,depress indeed..tgk anak sakit,and somemore we have to take leaves to take care of them.sigh.parts of them growing up uh.. u hang in thr too ya!

  9. BB:tol babe,i kadang ‘panas’ jek kalo org komen,biasa la antar anak dekat ‘nursery/umah org’ anak mmg slalu sakit punya.geram tak? ohwell..we can’t shut ppl’s mouth/mentality,ignore aje lah! and yeah, i’m tryin my very best to do what i can for my baby.mak mana tak sayang anak kan.thx 4 d advice!

    jaja:lucky u!

  10. nikmummy:thanks nik!cepat2 lah pass this ‘sick-phases’!!

    leen:i did gv her scot emulsion tu…tp,itu lah..ohya,lets not start bout the maid issues/problems,rarely i hear ppl gives good comments bout’ their maid.babe!miss u!!!

  11. oh dear, childcare is always a big issue & very pening kepala kan? i totally understand your ‘envy’ when you see kids being taken care of loving grandparents and relatives, but insya-allah, god will open up a way for you to get thru this. just don’t give up trying ok!

    makes me feel sooo grateful i found a suitable babysitter for nunu yg tak byk karenah 🙂

  12. ala cian nye mia…. ira i paham perasaan u… i mmg benci kalau org bersin tutup ngan tgn then tak cuci tgn… i told my maid to wash hand walaupun after sneezing.. i mmg takut germ sbb bila anak sakit i susah takut kena duduk hospital lagi.. now risau for my 2 kids in child care nest year.

    actullay my SIL dah demotivated me for sending kids to childcare.. maybe dorang takut i not used to it but i just hate outsider around my house and I don’t want my kids taken care by grandparent.

    BTW, once kid past 1 year, dorang susah nak sakit la… don’t worry … paling penting bbsitter kena clean la

  13. Hang in there ira. Mia will get stronger when she gets older. Its really dreadful to go to the paed every now and then. I was sceptical about letting Jon go to nursery at his age but after 2 weeks, he is doing fine in school now. We are thinking of using the day care service there as well when my mom goes over to my bro’s place.

    A lot of people (even strangers in IKEA) warned me about sending Jon to school at 2 yrs old (he will get sick, he will pick up bad habits). But I guess the teachers there must be committed in teaching cum taking care of young kids, huh.

  14. anne:my new year ’08 reso-to get better,reliable,loveable caretaker for mia 🙂 wish me luck! i’m ‘envy’ YOU!lucky lucky u!

    yatie: mia seem to fall sick easily pulak after a year old ni. oh well, diff.kid different la uh. yes,definately cleanliness are one important criteria as well.

    tina: ok strangers giving -ve coments bout’ the upbringin of our kids (w/o knowin the whole story) are totally ( at least for me lah) OFF LIMIT. i mean, how dare. no worries la tina, as long as he’s doing fine, and u feel good bout it..go ahead. and Thanks for the links!!i can count on ya! 😉

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