yazid & mia @ikea ,dec 1st, 2007

Today,Mia turns 15 month old ( 1 yr and 3mth) . And exactly today, she began to show her walking skill. It happened when we were in M/etrojaya, toys section, then later on, again in T/oyr’us store. gosh!We were more than thrill!I guess, she was excited to see/touch/play toys surrounding her, and that could possibly lifts up her spirit. Nearby salesgirl saw the husband and myself cheering her up, and she too end up being excited cheered together with us aswell.haha.funny!

p/s: yay!i can now upload pictures back!

10 thoughts on “15month

  1. kiddo’s mom & alfonto: tu lah dia..but,she crawl damn fast also,penat gak mengejar,and yeah, cant imagine nexttime round gotta kejar her running!! wish me luck!

    hetz: yeah!hurrah for piccies!


    BabyBooned: yah YAY!but kat umah, back to her lazy self..and perfer crawlin than walking.sigh!

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