Mommy Dearest

Ma’ just emailed me a moment ago. I was quite surprise actually. Well, she’s so NOT an IT literate, what more to email me. But of course, with the help of her friend, she emailed me (by using her friend’s account) .

Dear xxxxxirax, & Hubby:

Hi everybody we are doing very well and hope the same with you.
I am happy to be in the US with Saran. Wish you were all here too. It’s cold, but it’s OK. I am enjoying seeing all the X’mas decorations and am beginning to see the American way of life. I feel that this 3rd trip of mine to the US is very educational. Do you all know that my first lesson was to learn how to play Gin Rummy and Black Jack taught by our friend here. I met her daughter and she is very beautiful, and Zazoo, the parrot is a very intelligent bird. The house is big and I am impressed, just like the ones you see on the TV. Just now Linda & Saran made a simple mexican dinner. It was thumbs up. So, if I have a chance in Malaysia I will try to make this for all of you. I hope that some of you will make the time one day to visit the US.

Saran has been so kind and is acting like a big sister to me. Entering the US was no problem for both the customs and immigration officials were so helpful to me. I met Sal, Saran’s american friend and if I had any questions they explained everything very clearly and in detail. In this way I have learnt a lot and opened up my mind so when I am back in XXXX, I will have a greater outlook to life and situations.

How is Mia? i hope that she can walk by now and I hope to find the toys you have asked for. I have already bought the T-shirts form Hard Rock Cafe for Ted, Naim and you. If I find anything special in Birmingham, I will pick it up.

I sure miss you all a lot! So I hope in the near future the whole family can come to the US for a holiday.

So much for now… and a Salam to all……..Hanna

I love they way ma’s email was written. Makes me miss her even more.I’m glad she’s enjoying herself to the fullest. It’s sweet she has a friend who she gets along so well. Wish I can grow old (gracefully) and be happy just like her, surrounding with loving friends and family. And yes ma‘, we love to be there too one day with the whole family. It’ll be more eventfull.It’s the holiday season and gawd! I badly need a holiday too.

On another note, Mia has taken few steps unassisted. She’ll be squatting one minute, and the next minute walking all of sudden. Both hubby and I was delighted to see this most anticipated milestone. Besides that, she just love babbling about, and will turn to look at the hubby’s face or myself. As if she’s telling us a story, what she’s been up too and how life is as tot!(assuming that is) haha.funny! Of course, we layan her, as if we know what she’s talking about. Soon this young lady will be turning 15 month old in two days time.


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