Baby and Me

Previous post gave me an idea to share few tips, based on my very own experience so far as a first time mummy. Honestly, it wasn’t easy, nor was it a smooth sailing journey. I was terrified too, with the what if’s questions at the back of my head, then gradually slowly, I brave myself to …just do it! fail or succeed belakang cerita, at least i’ve tried. Furtheremore, when hubby not around, I couldn’t stand/bear myself being alone with the kenit at home for too long (whatmore, our humble abode are one tiny place, pusing pusing dah abis main) . Oh well, in other words, they are times you just don’t feel like staying at home and in need to just get some ‘fresh air’ outside.

*updated:btw, i started doing this (out on my own with my Mia) since she was 3 mth old.

So, here goes.

Before Heading Out

Prepare every single thing you could think of, that your baby (and you) might need it during the journey AWAY frm home. If your baby is on binky, bring it!Keep him entertain with his fav Toys! Bring more than one toys, if possible.That way,IF he/she happens to get bored with it, u can change it to another toys. The rest, I guess, you know what to pack la right, formula, towels, diapers, food and so on. You know the drill!

Plan Plan Plan

Initially, before you decide to go out with the bub, planning is very important, Where to and for How long do you intend to be out. Whether it’s just to get some groceries or meeting up a friend, or do a lil’ window shopping. If you decide to take a public transport, lets say by cab, questions whether to bring the stroller with you, or not, or perhaps just a babycarrier or slings. Whichever works best for you. You decide. However, if you find it hard to operate the stroller by yourself (for reason it’s too heavy to handle it alone or too complicated) , you can always rent it at any shopping complex, most of it have it (that’s if you’re goin for shopping). But, if you prefer to have it your own, that’s ok aswell. For me, I need both the stroller and the carrier. And if you decide to drive, plan which route (road) you’ll be taking. If the road you’re heading has a toll, prepare coins/money to pay up, preferable place it within reach (for me, at the dashboard or handbreak area), and normally I have it in a see-through case, because easier for me to see and estimate the amount of money needed, in one glance. Other than that, place also your other neccessity, such as the handphones, security access card or smart tag within reach too.


Ok next, Timing. You should know, or at least, estimate, the best time for both you and your child to be out and about. For myself, I work(function) best in the morning. Simple being, morning traffic are less stressfull, easier to handle, plenty of parking space available (which in other word, easier to park at the nearest entrance, lift or escalator) . So it is that Important to plan the right time that works best for you and the baby.

The Destination

Upon reaching, assemble everything that you need, like the stroller, the diaper bag, the babycarrier, toys and what nots. Then, go ahead la jalan-jalan or meet up your friend(s). If your child cry, try not to panic (tho’ if being firsttime, I did felt panic abit, and the thought of rushing back home pun ada!) . Try not too. Tell yourself, it is Normal baby to cry, and just ignore those strange people who stare back at you, they don’t understand what’s like having a kid, wait till they have one then they know!hah. Ok, well, try to sooth her with the binky (if she’s in it) or toys, or distract her with the surrounding. Oh do try to locate a baby room too. That way, when in need for nappy change, or to BF your baby, you won’t feel kelam kabut tercari-cari.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy your momment with your child. Once your have succeeded, you would wanna do it again! no doubt. 🙂 No worries, if the first time sucks, it happen to me too, but that didn’t stop me from trying. The key here is practice, practice, practice.

And if there is More better technique or ways, please do share with me (and others aswell) !


8 thoughts on “Baby and Me

  1. Totally agree with you ira. Just do it! Hahahaha. Maybe its an asian thingy kut… becos I see the mat salleh will just drag their babies where ever they go. Like you, can do with the baby friendly facilities that the place provides, I also prefer places yang baby friendly. Thanks for the tips!

  2. thanks for these well-explained tips! dftntly will be good ref for me in the future

    altho we haven’t try to go out only the 2 of us (mummy and baby), most of the time, will be the 3 of us (or more) but i insist of going out early (morning) i prefer morning outing too. same reasons as urs! 🙂

    iman’s doing fine now, altho on monday had to bring her to clinic due to flu (la pulak..)

  3. tina: ha ah,it totally helps if the place is a babyfriendly environment too.and yes,i pun normally see those matsalleh lady goin bout’ with their kid on their own,no hassle watever,if they can do it,why not us too right. 🙂

    mrszyi:you’re most welcome.hope is useful enough.

  4. hetz: thanks dear. i do abit research too, still alot to learn. i do have ‘bad days’ with her also.biasa la kan 🙂 outing?!love that!!buzz me!

    kiddo’s mom: at least you can say, “i’ve done’ it and it’s not that bad kan??

  5. wah great tips ira… i really need this (hubby is away for 2months) i had the experience once, but during that time i was doing it “suka” ..but now, by hook or by crook, i have no choice, i have to bring my hani anywhre i go… and she’s getting heavier, usually hubby will carry her…

    thanks for the tips 🙂

  6. newrin:you’re most welcome dear. yah,just brave your heart to just DO IT. manatau, kot kot it turns out hani could love it (and the mommy too) 🙂 i dunno bout others, but somehow, if i bawa keluar mia, she seem to fall asleep easier. hehe..

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