Mother Daughter Outing

Husband left for work, outside KL on Friday and was back late Saturday evening. So, basically Saturday, Mia and myself had the whole day to ourselves. We spend it wisely i must say.

The day started quite early. By 10-ish morning, we were on the road, heading to One Utama, to attend a trial class at TumbleTots. However, little did i know, there were lotsa cars on the road that morning, and i only came to realise it’s probably because of the school holiday season AND what more Mega Sales just started. No wonder!

We came in few minutes late to the class. Glad to know a friend with her kids were there too ( in fact, she was the one who asked me to make the call and booked for today’s class) . Overall, it was ok for me. But looking at my Mia’s face, how happy she was, getting in group of ‘small people’ like her, singing and dancing along with others do brings out the fun. And just as we were having fun, the class ended (it doest felt like a 45minutes worth of class tho’, then again, time flies when we’re having fun isnt it!) .

We then headed to ikea to meet another friend. My favourite boy, or rather Mia’s playmate, Yazid with his Mummy. Timing couldn’t be even better, there was ample parkings. Parked my car at the nearest lift entrance, with hope easier for me to push the stroller, but it turns out, the wheels got stuck in between the ‘barrier’ near the door. Luckly, a guard saw me struggling, he helped to lift up the stroller. A big Thanks pak guard! Since both of us haven’t had a proper breakfast back home, we went straight to ikea’s eatery. The plan was of course to have it together with Hetz & his boy, but she signal us they’ll be a tiny wee bit late due to traffic (totally understood guys!) .

Luck was on us, we were the first in line, waiting for 11.30am meal to be ready. Thank goodness for ikea’s brilliant way of inventing the trolley tray, and which makes My life easier, as I was busy handling the munchkin on another hand. Hetz arrived momments later with her little bub. We enjoyed our meal over a chit chat, while Yazid ate his baby bites, while my Mia, well, she practically had what i ate, salmon.

We then went browsing at the kid’s section as i’m scouting for a chair & table for Mia (but will only buy it later la, tak kuasa nak mengangkut sorang2!leceh). Hetz bought an igloo like tent for Yazid (but i was later told he didn’t play with it.tape lah hetz, could use it later maybe during his birthday party perhaps?) . Then it was time for hetz to leave, as she had another meet up with a friend. I continue browsing around, and as predicted Mia doze off after she had her milk minutes later. The Sales was everywhr and I couldnt resist to check it out! Manage to get a good discounts stuff for myself (yes me!nothing for the little fella.hehe)

The day didn’t end there. Just as i thought of heading back home, it felt the day is still early, why not check out KizSports in BCS, as i heard it affords indoor playgroud for tots like Mia. It was indeed a great place for kids to play.We spend almost an hour or so there. I could sense Mia had tremendous fun! Im happy that she’s happy. The ‘mummy and me’ time-spend was totally splendid! I guess it’s not too much for me to say, she was well behave through out the outing. Makes me even more excited to do this with her the nexttime we’re ‘alone’ together.

p/s: since im running out of space, i can’t upload any pictures!darn.time for an upgrade perhaps?

11 thoughts on “Mother Daughter Outing

  1. Ira, u really are my idol mummy lah. i tak tau bila i will hv the guts to bring yazid jalan sorang2. the other day pun dah stress pasal dia xnak duk dlm stroller (am thinking abt throwing the stroller out at sea haha).
    anyways we had a great time hanging out w u both (sans hubbies hehe). Cant wait for the swimming playdate pulak! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. hahha
    at least you can go out alone. When my hubby not around I have to get my sister to help and join our outing as I couldn’t manage with 2 active kids. FYI, I even don’t know how to bukak and tutup the stroller…. very pampered momma… so my kids will walk or to be carried

  3. ira, so did u decide to enter mia into tumble tots or kidsports..? i interested gak to have a looksie looksie.

    by the way, what’s the capacity for wordpress eh..? i’m really blur about all this stuff so i’m beginning to wonder when i’ll run out of space at blogger…

  4. alamak, i was just browsing thru ikea’s online catalogue last saturday, looking for table n chair set for nunu, but i don’t see any laa. Planning to ask my brother who’s in KL to bring it back to Penang during the holidays. Saw anything u liked?

  5. hetz:nanti i blog bout’ some tips on bringin out kids on our own ya!not to say im expert,still got ALOT to learn,but im willing to share with u guys.yupp2,so can’t wait for the swimming session!!

    yatie:i need the stroller to go about whn im alone with the babe, else lenguh gak nak angkut2 brg + her at the same time. ur great to hv sisters around!okla tu ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. BabyBooned:we haven’t decided yet. i wanna try out gymboree aswell.tu lah,nak find time to go for their trial class. wordpress capacity boout’ 1GB tak salah i. guess, the hubby and i post up too much pictures!!thats why!haha

    raggedyanne: ur in penang ke ? ic..all this while i thot ur frm KL. yah,saw couple of cute chairs & tables (also toys) for her. will totally grab it whn we go thr again.

  7. Have fun choosing a playgroup for Mia. Whatever you choose, she’ll surely enjoy herself. For 1-utama, shida and I signed up for OneCard cos there are special parking space for members. But dunno whether its as crazy as the non-member area during weekends or not la.

    And for IKEA, always have to work my muscles there. Just take a deep breath and lift. hahahaha. Even Jon’s previous Combi can’t get thru. I think they are having some sale this mth and Mammut chair is going for RM45 only on certain days.

  8. hi, im iza. my baby is 10 mths old. i love going out with ny “gal” alone. anahnyersibuk. so ik did try some classes myself and maybe can share with you mothers. i tried musicgarten clas at fit for 2 bangsar village when ayesha (my gal) was only 4 mths old. she loves d sound, dancing and music in dat class.
    then time pantang dat day, i tried mummybaby fitball class at the same place & love it. u x have to really workout ur hearts out. u can folo d trainer slowly and d best part, ur baby is with you while u r exercising. toys will be given to them to get them occupied.
    i did try kidzgym gak. but x the class..just the RM10 per entry. but during dat time, ayesha wasnt able to crawl yet. baru mengesot, so kinda x mencabar for her! hehe
    last 2 months im planning to start ayesha for gymboree programs as i think its much more interesting compared to tumbletots (in great eastern mall ampang, x classes for crawling babies).d gymboree place is wider compared to TT. if mommies go to bangsar village, u will see d place is so cramp esp on sat. but they said in tropicana city mall branch is much more relax. ayesha did try play around there and she loves it. especially during the bubble time! tot of going there tomoro afternoon for 6-10mths class at 2pm. come mommies…lets go.
    any mommies wanted to bring their babies to swimming class? i found one website and did call d person. so, how bout creating a small group coz d instructer is paid based on hour basis.anybody interested, buzz me kay at

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