You Gotta Have One


Yes, I can’t live without having one. And I don’t know anyone who Can live without having one too. I admit, I may not have BFF, but what I do have are friends I consider to be very good friends.They may not realise it tho’ (i never really go out loud declare ‘hey ur my best buddy u know!’) .We kinda understood each other. Their friendship whom I treasured close to my heart, and I believe so do they.

These friends, are friends whom sometimes, I don’t even have to speak out my mind, and they’ll know instantly something is not right or they just Get it!,you know.They are the ones, who i can just talk nonsense and make silly jokes, or even make fun of ’em even, and they just Get it! that i was just fooling around, or sometimes i may not, and yet they understood my intention w/o any hard feelings.These are friends, I wouldn’t miss a thing, on their wedding day, birthdays and even be there for them in sad/bad momments.

And then, comes friends you may know them for years, but..yet somehow you just don’t get it ( Or maybe,I don’t get it uh?) Oh well. But, I still keep in touch with them nevertheless. Eventho’ in early friendship we were really great back then, but somehow along the way, things change. People change.And that’s fact of life u see. He or She may not realise it, but after sometime, we kept distance from each other, not because we loathe each other, but simple being, as we have nothing much to say to each other.As years gone by, some stay, some left, and some simply do not wish to be contacted.And that is sad sometimes.

Eversince I ‘open’ up this blog of mine, and of course I told to some of them,with the intention that ‘im alive and kickin’ and how this motherhood (& marriage life) works around me, and once in awhile a snippet of my daily dose. To know, plenty of friends also have a blog of their own, are pretty swell too. Great thing about reading friend’s blog, specially the ones u know ’em in real life, got me intrigue with their inner thoughts and wanting to know more the Other Side of him/ her. And little did i know, some could ‘speakin up’ comfortablely their thoughts openly in www, and be reserve in real life. Very interesting indeed. Then again, I could be (or not) the kinda friend too, no doubt. 🙂

Friends with benefits. We get along just fine, as to each of our own benefits too. You just know why the person would call u up, with obvious reason he or she needs a favor or two from you or vice versa.It’s a straigtfwd kinda friend.Tho’ I admit it, can be annoying at times.heh.

Since schooling days, I move about quite alot, I only kept few close ones. We did lost contact along the way, but the momment we get hold on each other, we could chat for hours, and could reminisce all the sweet(or bad) memory we had as young (school kids) teenagers. We might not hang out as often as wish, but, it’s good enough when we both do get to spend time with each other once in awhile, or write a very lenghty emails to each othr.

And often not, once in awhile, I do bump into making new friends, which i find it easy to get along, and we could hit it off instantly. This normally happen to people who share motherhood experience like myself. It’s great meeting and making new friends, as we age, sometimes we do tend to follow/ stick  those who can understand us just the way we undertand them too.


3 thoughts on “You Gotta Have One

  1. ira, not feeling that well but still can write such well elaborate post. i admit tho, sometimes when we’re sick, we tend to spend time thinking abt so many things.

    in younger days (schooling days) it’s easier to express how we appreciate frndships. now getting older, it’s different..

    (now u get me thinking abt my circle of frndships too..)

    oh nway, get well soon, yah?

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