Photo Series; The Not-so-Well Mia.

Sleep soundly.

Poor Mia.

The drip machine.

Looking ‘mandom’ despite having mummy next to her.

The 3G Nano.

‘Sedut lagu’ from laptop.

She feeds well tho.

Enjoying Pocoyo book.

And Pocoyo series as well.

Tunjuk terer depan member.

The turtle style

Nebulized Mia.

Mia and great granny.


11 thoughts on “Photo Series; The Not-so-Well Mia.

  1. isk isk..luckily mia has great parents, tho staying at hosp, looks like she had fun mcm ala2 ‘bercuti di hotel’ with great gadgets, stuff, and dfntly great pics to remember. err minus the kena cucuk for drip moment, itu mmg sgt menyayat yati. wont ever forget, kan?

  2. hetz: bila kawan dia dtg, she got so excited to entertain ’em.guess,thats a sign she’s gettin better too uh. 🙂

    mrszyi: ho yeah,definately a ‘sad’memory to remember.

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