Games Toddlers Play

I pick up another great parenting book the other day, “Games Toddlers Play”by Julie Hagstrom.Not expensive at all. Only five ringgit malaysia. But then again, it was because i bought it at a pay-less bookshop. πŸ™‚ Great bargain indeed. Of course, i couldn’t resist to pick up children books for the lil’munchkin as well.

The book teaches how sometimes, those simple little things we play/do together with our kid(s) , turns out to be their greaters amusement. What’s more interesting, some games does not require any toys, equipments.(just what we need!!toys nowdays are just so expensive lei!) Just us parents and the kid.(provided we have the energy la right πŸ˜‰ ) Also, the book demos exciting games and many imaginative ways to enjoy, entertain and keeping up with our tots. Little did i know, some games listed, we played before. Some examples..

Take That Baby!
we call it, ‘kejar mia‘ is sort of wrestling and also sort of cuddling too. normally, both Ted and myself, would tease mia, and then later pretending to chase after her. And she’ll quickly ‘run'(crawl) away from us, sambil tergelak terkekek-kekek! This game we normally play, as soon as we reach home from work after pickin her up frm the bbsitter. Place we play? The bedroom πŸ™‚

Monkey See, Monkey Do
a copy-cat game.well, it’s normally the kid copycat us adult, but in my case, its the other way round. Like of late, mia just loves messing up her hair, Big Time! and when i caught her doing that, i did exactly what she did, and hoo boy she sure cracks up!! and would do it again!and again! and again! unstopable!funnny..!

Leg Bounces
it’s that free-swinging leg.the position:sit in a chair with legs crossed.straddle your toddler over the swinging ankle.hold her hands or waist. or,in my case, i lay down and place her at both of my legs-up, and pretends that she can ‘fly away’ as a ‘supergirl’.tapi, buat lama-lama, memang penat seh.

Body Language
Basically, teaching her,where’s her eyes? mouth? nose? etc.

Stack and Whack!
And lastly, mia’s all time favourite! knocking over a stack of blocks piling up high.i guess she enjoys watching & hearing those blocks/stacking cups crashing down! As destructive as it may appear, the books mention here, it all has to do with the learning cause and effect. Ok make sense. Tho’ she doesn’t stack it up back, she now knows to pick up and put it back to its place. Well, provided we supervise her that is.

That’s among few examples the book suggested.It is also divided into few parts based on toddler’s age. How bout’ u? Do have silly games, playing with your kids too?

By the by, have you seen the ‘American Gangster’? Saw it last week.Great movie! It’s based on a true story (and nah-ah, no teary momment) . Danzel is just amazing! Definately in my top fav. actor list. Can’t wait to watch his next debut, ‘The Great Debaters’.

6 thoughts on “Games Toddlers Play

  1. yes, we play the games you mentioned and also she likes to sit on my leg when i sit on the chair and i lift her with my legs. penat!! another thing is she likes to “walk” on her hands, so i just hold her legs up, macam bila we all in school before, the wheelbarrow game..LOL

  2. aida:oh WOW!she can do THAT? wait till she can do cartwheel…mesti best tgk gak tu (or not?).but ofcoz,some furniture need to be rearrange /make away for her.

    mira:haha..mia did too sometimes!i try to avoid that tho’..ur right,sakit oOO..

  3. ira, by the time the baby has another sibs, we (the parent) could just sit from far and watch them play, ALL of the above, among themselves πŸ™‚

    *as in my case* hati berbunga bunga, definitely, looking at the big bro tickling the lil bro on the tummy, with his mouth πŸ™‚ and when they play hide and seek, i cannot help from smiling ear to ear seeing each other’s big mouth cannot keep quiet/sit still even for a minute πŸ™‚ and when they play catch each other, it tickles my heart ALL THE TIME seeing the lil bro trying to ‘catch’ the big bro while running with butt terkedek2 n both hands on top trying to balance himself πŸ™‚ belum lagi part main cak2.. haha.. kids kan.. they steal our hearts away with their antics all the time πŸ™‚

  4. mom2que:i can imagine.brothers, or sisters…sure lotsa fun havin a sibling. minus,the gado-gado part tho’!

    kiddo’s mom: this is the review of the book..hehe,ok maybe i should put up some pics uh.

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