The Whole She-bang

Glad it all ends well. We’re back, after spending two nights at the DSH. It’s never fun being away from home, and ends up in a hospital, in our case, Mia was admitted last monday.

It was actually on Friday, after picking her up from the babysitter, I felt her body was slightly warm. Not wanting to think negatively, I assume, it’s just a normal fever, and gave her paracetomol, and off she went to sleep. Next day, she seems fine, but we still brought her to the clinic, since she was coughing badly too.Later that day, we head on to a friend’s son (emir) birthday bash and also my uncle’s doa selamat kenduri.

During kenduri, mia slept the whole time upstairs. And that was the time, we felt her body temp. shot-up real high (38°C). On our way back home, mia kept fussing and, end up vomitting twice on me. There and then, I asked Ted to just go to the PMC emergency. The doc. just diagnose as normal fever , gave her antibiotic and a fever med. (what a lame doc also btw, asked too many questions and not sensitive enough that mia was crying non-stop at the back!)

The whole Sunday was spent, nursing Mia.Her fever still did not subside.The next day (Monday), we didn’t feel good. I suggested we take mia to see paed- for a proper diagnose. But first, we went back to our panel clinic to take the GL, so that it wont cost us a bomb later to pay to the paed. At the clinic, once again, she throw up on me (and why didn’t this happen to the daddy?). My top was soak with her vomits, and unfortunately, i did not have any extra shirt, so off i went to clean & dry up myself. As for mia, she had a pair of clean clothes we brought along for situation like above.

Got the GL, and off we went to DSH. Unfortunately that day, our regular paed was on leave. I did not want to wait for another day and risk Mia’s health, so we asked for another paed. As expected, the other doctor we got, had a very long que.

To cut the story short, when it came to our turn, quickly we got in and told the whole story to him. He gave us two option, either to get blood test done a.s.a.p, and admitted to the hospital OR he give us some medicine,and take a chance for another two day, to see the results. Of course, we took the first option.

Her blood test came out negative from dengue or typhoid. Which came to conclusion, the actual reason was her throat was severerly infected hence the high fever. It didn’t help she also had cough and running nose. It’s a wonder, she lost her appetite and her milk intake got lesser and lesser. It was all because she find it hard to swallow any food or drink. Poor my baby.

Since she was practically dehydrate, the doctor decided to put her on drip ( as in previous post picture). I tell you, all hell broke loose, Mia was screaming out loud, face were all flushing red when the doctor was poking her vein. Me? All teary up la tengok anak macam tu.

After all the experience, Mia didn’t quite warm up with to neither nurses, nor the paed. As a matter a fact, she’s terrified at the sight of the doctor’s face!haha. Oh well! hope she’ll be alrite the next round with the follow ups.

And now, her fever has subside, and coughing has lessen. Her appetite too has improve tremendously.We’re happy she’s fine now. Thank yous to those who came to visit us, sms-es, and also phonecall us during our stay in the hospital with mia. Truly apprecite it!

Before I end this, I know Ted has put up our wedding pictures earlier, but intialy, my plan was to put up this fav. picture of us together.It was taken candid by a friend during our nikah . And so u know, Ted bought a gift for our anniversary!!Not 1 but two gifts!(an ipod nano u!!) aiyoo, and i felt so bad for not getting anything for him at all! Soon ya dear… 😉 We go shopping, then u pick out lah your present, how’s that? easier maa.. hehehe.ok toodle peeps!


10 thoughts on “The Whole She-bang

  1. hi ira, been reading ur blog quite sometime already. thru yan modds. ur experience is sumhow similar to ours recently. what a coincidence! dr. soh @ DSH, tried to do the IV procedure on our baby too. so sad seeing her in such pain!

    Menggigil2 baby menangis, dengan mak bergenang air mata, menggigil2 lutut..:(

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