we are 2wo ..

nov 19 this yr remarks our 2nd anniversary
somehow, there was no fancy dinner or hanky panky nite tis year due to Mia’s condition
(which i’m sure the mummy will write on it later.)

ok .. i’m no good writing from hearts ..
thus, this entry will be only loaded with pics hehe

“Happy Anniversary Mummy!!”

11 thoughts on “we are 2wo ..

  1. oh wow. breathtaking moments were captured indeed.

    happy anniversary (belated, that is) you guys!

    hope mia’s doing better. kesiannya si kenit tu.

    and here’s hoping you guys’ll get a nice long hanky-panky session soon. hahahahaa

  2. gosh guys!thank yous for the lovely wishes!and also the well-wishes for mia.
    alhamdulilah, she’s fine now..but,with lotsa medication tho’.

    and dedicool,awwwww…dun know u’ll do this! 🙂 love u lots honey!

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