Two in a Row

Two Tags to be done.First coming from Hetz (Happy Blogging Wish) and from Babybooned & Kiddo’s mom (8 random facts).

Happy Blogging Wish


As you come to notice, this blog of mine does not have a title.Well, ‘cept the banner up there entitled my daughter’s name, Mia. But, basically this online journal of mine, is a place where i rant out my thoughts (tho’ some i have to refrain it) , and often times, it is about my life as a new mummy in town. Before coming into this ‘blogging world’, I became a silent reader to way too many blogs, that i even lost count of it. My blog reading varies, from singlehood babe, mummyhood, and once in awhile a touch of politic’s blog (this i get it from the husband).

To say blogging is overrated,i beg to differ (facebook lagi overrated la!heh). Like hetz, I learn alot in parenting/motherhood journey from other experience mother. Furthermore, after knowing i’m not alone in certain dilemas, makes me feel rather ‘normal’ in situations i sometimes face.

8 Random Facts..about Me.

1.I’m a morning person. Eventho’ the night before I stayed-up late, I can still wake up in morning, tho’ not as early as 5 or 6am, but early as in in time to get breakfast and job-done. And i just love, going for breakfast. It’s a must have meal for me! or else i get cranky. (but somehow,i fail miserably gettin to work on-time!ayoo must improve in that dept.)

2.Toilet cleaniness freak.I cukup pantang kalau tengok our toilet bowl (the bottom part) dirty. It kinda turn me off to do any of my ‘business’. So, I’ll end up brushing and cleaning it up first, and before u know it,I end up cleaning the Whole toilet! gah!!

3. I can’t sleep ( / ignored long), knowing my sink are full of unwash plates, or dirty plates lying around.Unless, in situation whr i am very Very tired. Ted knows, how annoy i can get, to see those, the next morning (yah..sure kena nag punya!!..hehe) And, i can’t leave the house without knowin it is tidy, tho’ sometimes it doenst remain long before Mia (or her father, whoelse in the house la kan) mess up it up Big Time.

4. Fierce. Yes, I can be quite a fierce person.heh.But of course, garang bertempat lah.It only happens if my patience is being tested or, some things gets in my way. My mom even told me, my dad ‘secretly’ afraid of me too sometimes (really dad?hehe sorry to scare u!) .

5.I went to all girls school in my life, but at different states within each two or one year span. Not because I got expeled (im a good girl really!), but due to my dad’s work requires him to move-about. From methodist school- to convent school. And of all, I love being at my last school,Convent Green Lane, in Penang. Awesome friends over there!The thing about moving from one school to another, I kinda quite like it, since i can meet new people and, left those i don’t quite fancy ’em. 😛

6.OK, this is rather embrassing or sadly to say, I don’t do well with cats. I don’t hate ’em , its just..i’m kinda scare of cats actually. However, in younger days, we use to have cats at home, but it doesn’t last long, before ma’ decided to give it away. So, i do not know how i end-up being scare of cats, but yeah, i do. 🙂 i prefer dogs more.

7. And speaking of dog, we used to own one too back home.But thats only for some reason. Our old house, selalu kena masuk pencuri / perompak (and even mymom was held close with ’em, and got a fright of her life!), so yeah, we have it,  for safety reason. And the area we live, does allow us to have one, due to large compound and all. But, most of the time, the dog is in his cage, and only my dad handles him. We never touch/play him tho’. He serve us well, until..we move again.(don’t ask me what breed, coz i have no idea, he’s a plain young dog thats for sure!)

8.And Lastly, I’m a sucker for hallmark-like story.Specially, if i know, it is based on a true story.Abis air mata berjujuran at the end (or even in the middle of the movie). Ted can confirm with this. And if we’re watching it together, when it came to the sad-dramatic part, he’ll turn and look at me, and most time, i end up with tears at the back of eyes!haha.


6 thoughts on “Two in a Row

  1. hehe you’re quite a neat freak eh? you and jazlan can definitely gang. dia pun takleh tido knowing the house (in our case the room) is in a mess. hehe i boleh aje.. hahhaa
    oh and like you, im also a sucker for hallmark movies… i cry watching oprah, so u can just imagine la kan? hehe

  2. hahahahaha thanks for doing the tag and yeah great facts we all know about u now!

    a clean freak!! i better make sure the table is clean when we next go out together hehehe kalau tak mesti u bersihkan!

    bestnya pernah ada dog… interesting!

  3. hetz: hehe..ok la tu,then u can shake hand ngan ted!hahahaha
    oh ya Oprah!also my fav!

    kiddo’s mom:i love this tag!!and wish it wasn’t just 8! alar,kalo keluar tu, buat apa i nak clean, ask the waiter(ess) lah.hehehe

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