Photo Series; TC Beach.

– The waves are coming ..

– Here it comes ….

– Jump .. jump ..

– Wet is all over her.

– Still in excitement.

– Saved by the diapers.


8 thoughts on “Photo Series; TC Beach.

  1. Gorgeous2 pics as usual. i dont remember TC to look this nice when i used to frequent there (every weekend jugak la time kecik2 dulu hehe). I really love your t-shirt and please makcik, your butt is NOT big at all Ok.. Mine is like a huge island compared to yours 🙂

  2. sure or not big = sexy? im imaginin mcm that movie big momma’s butt !!hehe..
    ok ok kidding..i do get what u guys mean 😉 thx for d comfortin comments peep…tho’ cant help it,need to ..ehem,lose those fats whch is STILL intact at ‘certain’ hidden areas.heh.

    oh hi thr raggedyanne!.thx for droppin by this humble place 🙂

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