Few weeks back, our neighbour told us, her eldest daughter will be graduating from her kindergarten school. And most importantly, she’ll be giving out the opening speech on the graduation day.

So, from day one, the girl been working hard on her speech. She even came over to our place, just so she can get use of the crowd, and try not to be too tied-up or nervous. Sometimes, I could even hear her practicing the speech out loud from her house.

I was pretty impress, as the day draws nearer, she completely memorize the whole 7 minutes worth of speech. I could sense how excited this little girl must be, to be presenting in front of her parents, teachers, friends and other families.

The day came. But sadly, we could not make it. We even asked the mother to record it (video) for us, to watch later when we’re back from our kampung.

The following day, I asked the mother, how was the day?. Anxiously to know every details of it. However, things did not turn out the way we (or rather they) expected. It was a last minute call.

That morning itself, the teacher told her, someonelse would be doing the speech. Just hearing that, broke my heart!.How dare, they do this to a kid. Don’t they know, how hard she’s been working on the speech, and was full of anticipation for the day. Even the mother could not believe it. Was it a joke in the first place? Or was her daughter not good-enough for it.

Well, either way, it was an uncall decisions. The mother said, even so if her daughter won’t be the one presenting it, she won’t be mad If it was told earlier, and definately no heart feeling will be taken.Not, on the day itself. That is just so wrong… to treat a kid, like she does not have a feeling.

And you guess it right. She was sure upset and, even decided not to attend her own graduation day. Luckily, her mother boost up her spirit, and she was back to her joyful mood (though, deep down, she was still very much disappointed). Who doesnt right?

Oh well. If I were there, whoever in charge of the event, will sure kena from me. heh.


9 thoughts on “Feelings

  1. this is so heartbreaking. the teacher is so inconsiderate. i dengar pun geram gila. cant imagine kalau my own kid kena mcm tu. but i guess as parents we’d hv to be prepared for such events kan? sigh…

  2. yah the teacher is being very INsensitive!
    and oh ya,lupa nak mention,the girl who replace my neigbour’s kid, didn’t quite ‘memorize’ the whole speech, instead leave out some sentences.

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