Photo Series; The Curve.

Pedestrians passing by Baskin Robbins outlet at The Curve.

A busy day at The Curve.

Guards on duty ensuring visitors having safe and pleasant evening at The Curve.

Mia and her new friends.

This is Ayra.

This is cranky Yazid (at that point of time).

Babies talking bout shoes, while the mummy’s frowning.

The Walk at night.

The dome.


Mummy just couldn’t resist such offer.

Jazlan carrying his baby in front of Mothercare outlet at The Curve.

Mummies and sale.

A father and daughter passing by washroom’ symbols at The Curve.

Newly daddies.

Mummy posed next to Live & Loud signboard.

Mini Cooper.

Again, Mini Cooper.

Mummy having her light time at MPH.

Newly appointed MPH staff is arranging books back into order.

Only the first two-tiers belong to her tho.

btw, do u know photography is not allowed at The Curve ??!!


8 thoughts on “Photo Series; The Curve.

  1. alahaiiii comey2nyaaa ayra and mia are so adorable… yazid was so lucky diapit with 2 cute girls 🙂

    ira, maybe we can meet up too some day, wiat until leen come back frm her trip..then we can race with our quinny heheheh

  2. thanks guys for the compliments!credits should goes to dedicool.

    newrin,yah sure!would love it.

    nerr!yah..jom jom!tu indonesian restaurant i think,soo should b interesting la kan.

    oh ya, guys FYI, as mia was busy ‘arranging’ books, she was actually poo-inggg!and no wonder!!

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