The MilkMonster, The Modds and Us.

In less than a week time, we (hetty and myself) meet again, but only different this time round, together with The Modds family!! What a jolly great time we had! Of course, it’ll be great, if only lil’ Gibby’s family (BabyBooned) could join with us too. Unfortunately, she was down with the flu. (get well soon dear!!). And no worries , insyaAllah there’ll be more gathering like this, and we’re sure to invite you along.

Our day was start off by attendding friends and collegue’s open houses. One in Bangi and, the other was in Shah Alam.From one end to the other.Luckily, the traffic wasn’t that bad as I thought it would be. Then again, we took the highway, so.. could be the reason we could get to our destination as planned.

Around 5-ish o’clock, we reach The Curve. As we secured our parking, I send an sms to both hetz and kiddo’s mom. Mia was fast asleep at the time we reach, so I was hoping, that could make it easier for me to socialise with the mommies. But heck, she was quickly woken up by the ‘beautiful’ voice from her gal-pal, Ayra!!Such an adorable adorable baby! If you think she looks cute in the pictures, come and see her in real life. Sure cair! Cute sgt!

Just as I thought, all three of us, hit it off! If it’s not too much for me to say this, we insteadly ‘click’. As hetz put it, ‘like old buddies‘ ! As for the guys, well, they too seems to be busy getting to know each other, just as us ladies was peroccupied with our motherhood and whatnot stories. The kids? I must say, they were all pretty well behaved, didn’t they? Such a funny sight, lookin at three of ’em, Yazid yang di-apit with two girls, Ayra and Mia. Busy dok babbles among ’em. Guys! We should have taken the video!

Well, the rest of evening was well spent just hangin’ out, did a lil’ shoppin ( tak sah kalo tak uh!hehe) and just chill with our hubby and our little ones. What better way to spend our one-day public holiday, with friends and loves ones. Oh Pictures?



gotta make it,half face of kiddo’s mom (by request), and sorry hetz, muka u tak npk pulak.

ok, here’s you hetz 🙂 alamak, yazid pulak!

big dad, thin dad, tall dad


(thanks to Dedicool for taking tons of pictures on that day!) .Pictures will be updated from time-to time, i’m in a hurry to pack up to balik kampung. Enjoy lookin at the photos!



6 thoughts on “The MilkMonster, The Modds and Us.

  1. who is that baby with the GAP tshirt, lebat nyer rambut!!! and can i puji her eyes and skin color also.

    jealous nyer, kekadang depress gak living in the middle of nowhere, but can’t complain when the hubby’s paycheck comes, that makes us not want to leave so soon LOL

  2. I love the photos!!!! Haha yeah lucky the kids were well-behaved. If not susah mummies nak borak2. Hehe. Can’t wait for the next lepak session 🙂
    Babybooned, u’ll definitely click right in lah! 😀

  3. waaaaa the pictures are soooo niiiccceeeee!!!! can’t wait for u to send them to us…

    ayra looks so big la, in fact all the babies look about the same size ahahahaha.

    till next time, i sure had loads of fun!!!

  4. BabyBooned: Halar..we’re just a bunch of normal people je la..heheh 😉

    Aida:haa cuteness kan!and yeah,the hair damn thick with dark black hair to boost! btw, you’re always most welcome to join, whenever ur on holidays back here!just dun forget to inform me 🙂

  5. hetz: ted dah excited dah tu, for the next meeting.. taksabar nk try Tony Roma’s! hehe.. pictures,ODW!!!

    kiddo’s mom:u too pictures are odw! aaa ,so..has mod made up his mind to get THE ONE too? 🙂

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