Mia's new play mate!and mummy's new friend.

Finally we met. Myself and Hetty, Mia and Yazid, together with our respective husbands. It was my first time meeting a new friend through blogging, and truthfully, i was quite excited to meet the lil’ guy yazid and his mummy.

The met-up was at the new mall in town, Pavilion KL. At around 1pm, we reach the place, and scout around for a place to have our luncheon. Hetz was caught up in the traffic (that’s ok babe!), and that gives us plenty of time to checkout what’s new in store. Two main store was Parkson and Tangs, and the rest was pretty much like any other mall in kl, but with a few new brand coming in, like Paul Frank.

Ted being the Apple-lover himself, was eager to checkout their biggest Apple store. And sure enough, it was pretty huge, as compare to other Apple store we have been here in KL. Since he took some time in there, mia and I decided to went into Parkson, to (whereelse!) children’s sections.

Just as i was about to check my phone for any (unheard) messages frm Hetz, and true enough i received one. Decided to give her a call, and only to know, she was just standing few meters away from me!! We went straight up to greet them. At the time we both met, our husbands was no where near, as both was busy checking out their own stuff. Anyhow, we chat abit, and later,i find the need to change mia’s diaper, while hetz call-up her hubby.

Yazid was just as i imagine him to be in real life, a very cute baby boy! his cheeks makes me wanna squenze ’em hard and pinch it, but of coz i didn’t.. takut nangis pulak dia. Hetz wore lovely green color top (cun!) & jeans, and lookin very radiant! Pretty mummy with a cute baby in tow.

We then had our lunch at The Loaf restaurant (which btw owned by our Tun Dr.M). It’s first branch is in Langkawi, and this is their second branch here in kl. The place, pretty posh, and but sadly, there were no baby chair around (probably, becoz it just open recently, and not everything is in place yet?) . However, luckily, we were seated at a sofa-like seat, and that pretty much gives us some space for our kids to seat and mingle with each other. Menu was variety, but both hetz and i choose sandwich club, which was HUGE and, couldnt finish up (or rather, keep it for later!heh!) and ask to be packed.

Here’s mia, giving her first serious look to everyone.

getting to know one another.

together with our lil’ ones.

“just choose One only dear!One!”

yazid was amaze with the camera, while mia was oh! soooo busy checkin out behind the sofa!

After we’re done with our lunch, we headed for a round of light shopping. Here’s yazid and mia, in their stroller. Funny yazid, chomping the rattle while Mia lookin clueless.

undeniable daddy’s girl!

daddy’s boyl!hetz mention,yazid & jazlan share the same kinda eyebrow!so true!!!

yazid just couldnt let go of his mummy!

We thought of grabbing donuts, from the J.Co Donuts, but.. looking at the looooong que, we ditch the idea. Maybe next time uh hetz! That gives us more reason to come back! šŸ˜› Yazid has fallen asleep after his fed, and mia was beginin to get cranky, we then decided it’s time to go back.

we really enjoyed the outing with hetz & co.! looking forward to more meet up like this (hopefully in the near future with kiddo’s mom & babyboon too!). till we meet again real soon!!

p/s: the rest of the pictures, will be uploaded later, as practically i’ve use up all my flickr space, and badly need to upgrade it to a pro version. will do that soon!


11 thoughts on “Mia's new play mate!and mummy's new friend.

  1. Hey we had FUN too! šŸ™‚
    We should do this more often kan. Get the babes to socialise (and a chance for mummies to gossip/chat too hehe).
    Jom we plan the next get-together pulak. Hopefully the rest can join this time :p

  2. yatie: i also dunno why,but aftr that snap, she grin!sengih cam kerang busuk!but ofcoz my husband didn’t get that shot.

    kiddo’s mom:no worries!ofcoz there’ll be another round of meet up!will keep u posted!

  3. hetz:lookin at the calendar …for the our next-get-together!ok Mark it d! šŸ˜‰

    BabyBooned: aiyoo jgn puji lebih2,kang ‘cameraman’ prasan! anyways,thanks.and you totally should join us! i wanna pinch gibby’s cheeks next!

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