Ok, an update


P Ramlee the Musical Extended to 3rd Nov.,matinee shows 3pm.Tickets on Sale now!Hurry!Hurry!

Two reason WHY I was lack of update. First, at one point, my mind gone blank (so,this is what they call it writer block uh?), so no interesting stories to tell. Then, come the second point, when the ideas came, I was caught up with work and housechores. Oh well! here i am now, taking a chill pill for awhile.


I’ve been meaning to update on my little munchkin 13month-ish milestone, but sadly i procastinate way too many times! anyhow, mia has grown up so much, and at a rapid speed too. but, if you’re wondering, nope..she has’t walk yet, but she’s able to take a few step or two unassisted. But this only happen when NO ONE is lookin at her (or at least she doesnt realise we did). Guess, she doesn’t like the pressure coming from us..heh. Owh thats ok dear, take your own sweet time! no rush! (i know, some parents told us, once she master her walking skills, we’ll be the one wishing the opposite!)

Another habit of mia we notice, if she feels like doing the “number two”, she will move away from us, and find a spot (normally it’ll be either behind our couch or beside the tv cabinet corner) to “let-go”! ..seriously!every single time! macam tau tau je! then, when she’s finally “done”, she came crawling back to us, with a huge smile & grin on her face! (of course accompany with a stinking smell) .However, this only happens, at our home.

Pointing. Yupp! she just loves doing that at the momment with her index finger, to things that interest her. Games.Well, she just topple blocks or anything stacking stuff that I or the husband assemble.macam pantang gitu tengok benda tu stand! Another skills she has quite master now, is climbing. She climb the couch, the bed, her bouncer and even dare to climb up her wooded playpen (ada hati konon)!And if she couldnt, she’ll CRY for help, sometimes we layan, sometimes we don’t.

Bed.Yes, my girl here has finally slept on her own bed. No more squeezing in between me and the husband. That happen almost a month ago. We didn’t exactly transfer to her own room ..just yet, for now, the bed stays just next to our bed. Of course,there are momment she realise we weren’t beside her, so she climb up the bed (in the mid of night), and the next thing i knew, i could feel her breath right to my face. Ada juga this one time, I think she was just too tired to climb up, and decided to sleep, half body on her bed, the other half on my body.aiyoo..what a sigh.

The list could go on and on, but that’s pretty much appealing, latest update of our mia.

On a different update, yesterday we went for a date, to watch P.Ramlee The Musical. As expected, the show was a blast! Tak sia-sia we bought the ticket few weeks earlier, and got hold on a good seat, near the stage. Eventho’ not much P.Ramlee songs was sang/played, but the modern songs was pretty impressive too. oh, u just gotta go and see to enjoy the whole experience. And sorry guys, most tickets are sold out. Try looking at the forums or lelong,kot kot ada la yah.

manage to caught up with this two kids on our way out, the boy as p.ramlee’s best mate, and the young girl, as Azizah. pandai betul berlakon! Ok I just found out, the girl is Rachel Wesley,what a nice name!

Ok tata for now.



9 thoughts on “Ok, an update

  1. can’t wait for my hani to reach 1 year old coz it’s fun to see mia growing … aktif betul mia, seronok tgk dia… i’m sure u pun tak cukup tgn to catch her running here and there once she can walk properly, lagi kurus la u 🙂

  2. newrin: ha ah,tak padan ngan kenit, lasak jugak dia.pretty soon hani too will grown up fast,and the nxt thing u knw,she’s 1!!

    leen:babe!!hv fun kat sana!!err..and dun’t forget stuff for Us parents too!hehehe ;P

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