Double the Fun

It was a last minute plan, that we and the bons family decided to take-a-break from the hustle & bustle of raya, and go for a family vacation to Cameron Highlands. The last time ted and myself went, well, it was kinda ‘boring’ place for us, not so much activities to do, besides self pick strawberry and enjoying the cooling weather.

But, this time, with a great company tagging along, it was a total blast.

We rented an apartment, which located in Tanah Rata. So basically, everything was within reach,like banks, pharmacy, grocery shops and various kinds of restaurants. However, the day before, leen and myself prepared some food rations, to be cooked in the apartment. The place we bunk in, has 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms, and very spacious living room and kitchen too.

On the day we arrived, it was raining, which make the weather pretty breezing and cooling.bliss! As i mention in the, Mia was unwell, and as predicted, her crankiness kinda drives us up. But, slowly, night time, her fever gradually subside, and the she’s back to Happy Mia.

It’s always fun looking at these two kenit playing together.Emmil was too kind to Mia i would say,Mia would simply grab apa yang kawan tu tengah pegang, and left Emmil terkebil-kebil.hehe..

Ted recommended us all to try the T-cafe, as he read rave reviews on its delicious scones and tea. Price wise, reasonable. Enviroment, very homey. Service, ok la. Food, awesome!

Before heading back to the apartment, we stopped by Kea Farm, to buy strawberries and fresh vege to cook later that night. Night time was spend lazing in front of the tele, with the kids entertainin each othr, and us adults chatting away.

Next day, we had brekkie at a mamak restaurant, and later, pack up our bags to checkout. Our last pitt stop before depart back to KL (us) and Penang (the bons family), we had our scones and teas at the Bharat Plantation. The scenery was filled with greeny teas trees, wonderful! however, sadly, the place was filled with annoyin lalat!

All in all, we had tremendous fun! and totally enjoyed each other company! right guys?! till our next holiday together!cheers!



the rest of the pictures, flickr!


13 thoughts on “Double the Fun

  1. alfonto : iskkk..bodek ted gilerrrr

    dedicool : angkat bakul sendiri ke…alaaa…stakat sedut perut masa tgh snap..leh aa nampak tough..cuba time biasa2…’kembung’

    ira : i had soo much fun !! we should have extend our stay kan….1 nyte tak cukuplaa….takpelah… let’s plan the next trip soon !!!!

  2. mira:OH NOOOOO!ahahahhaha im NOT! haha…i knw y u said that, the perut is so obvious…kakakak (gatal nk pakai ketat2 sgt uh!plus i just HAD a large meal!).. 😉 no worries dear. dah ‘badan mak2’..wattodo!

    alfonto: alrites,nanti i callin2 with afti & co’..we go serang ur hse!

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