Finally,we’re back home in KL, after 1,2,3,4…..,8,9 days away!!the longest holiday ever taken by us. now, now,this gonna make it hard for me to get myself back to Working mode.i’m currently pretty exhausted, from the travelling, but the urge to blog is just so hard to resist.anyways, i have a story to tell u see.

Before we left for our raya holiday, I’m the kinda person who’ll make sure everything in the house are tiptop close/off/lock/clean/ rubbish thrown, and so on. But, the ONE thing i ter-miss was, i forgot to unswitch back my fridge from defrost to freeze (sorry dear,yeah my fault!maaf ye). So, YEAh! you can Imagine how….. my entire fridge look & smell. But somehow, luckily, the whole house did not get effected from the unpleasant smell.phew.else it’ll be a whole lot of work to clear UP the air.

So, nak tanak,penat tak penat.. I gotta clean up the mess, the growing fungus, and throw away ..practically almost Everything in the fridge. Well, i take it as a good ‘excuse’ to finally toss out unwanted item from the fridge, and restock back with stuff we really use and eat. Plus, another reason I just have to clear up the fridge a.s.a.p, is because we brought back lotsa fresh veges from our family holiday ( shall blog it in another entry).

Now, the fridge is spanking clean and EMPTY!hah!

That’s the story peeps.Off to bed now.Night.


4 thoughts on “Tired

  1. so jealous! you’re admirable; boleh blog summore even though ure tired. this coming week’s insane for me at work and i jealous tengok everyone else blogging. 😦 by the way, great pictures!!

    p/s: sorry to hear abt the fridge! cannot imagine how tired u must’ve been after cleaning up the fridge!

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