The far

It’s almost coming to a week of our raya celebration, so far it’s been great, enjoyable and most definitely a tiring one too. This is our second raya as a family. As compare to last year, Mia was just a month old, but this time round, a year old Mia, well…i must say, she pretty much ‘understand’ the raya excitement. The First day was celebrated at my inlaws, in Kuantan. Then, come the third day, we went back to my side of the family in Perak.

Mia woke up quite early the first day, as if she knew its raya already. Dress her up in her mini pink flowery kurung, adorn with her hairclip. See, how happy this kenit .

Here’s Adam & Mia, a guest we met during one of our the visitings.Same age as her.But, unfortunately the little fella don’t have the mood to socialize, coz it seems that he just woke up from his sleep, as the mother describe it.oh well!biasa la tu uh kids.

And look at her here,..can u guess what she’s having? Laksa!! (i would call it laksam, but the husband insist that org sana panggil laksa Oh well!)anyhw, she kept whining and whining,just to get a taste of what we’re eating.gah!!as u can see, I GAVE UP, and just fed her! And surprise!surprise!she loves it!

As a custom, we never miss to take a family photo for raya.So, here’s us three on the first day.Still looking fresh and half full stomach.:)

While this one, was taken, at my parents house.Did you notice Mia put on her masam face? She was not in the ‘mood’ to take photos (there’s a story behind it). .

More raya pictures & stories to tell, once i’m back in KL yah.On a sad note, after the hoo-haa of raya, Mia is now unwell and down with fever. She’s still act her active self during day, but at night, she gets cranky, and her body temp. rose up. Do wish her well soon yah.Thanks. I gotta go now, until next time.


7 thoughts on “The far

  1. hetz:she’s A OK now.thx for d wish!! yes babe,i just got BACK!!

    mira:mia da sihat,alhamdulilah..visit mana mira?ur mom’s hse?or yours?will buzz u guys first la ya..

  2. aeyya:hehe..looks like green ek?i thot it look more like blueish green ;P
    opn hse my hse?heheh..dtg je laaaa..!!

    kiddo’s mom:tu ler,trus demam,after that trus cranky!!lor cepatnye blk office,ok ok c u on monday! 😉

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