mia: raya nak dekat dah ni.balik mana dulu?
emmil: oh i don’t parent tak decide lagi mana.

mia: Serisouly dude!you gotta plan for this raya u know?nanti jalan jam! saper susah!lu jugak susah,then nanti cranky2 in the!
emmil: eh i macho boy.where got cranky2 ni…mummy i je!

mia:ehh uuu..that makes the two of us.mummy i pun sama….she hates the crazy jam pack balik kpg.hope your trip back went smooth dude!
emmil:yahhhhhhh i hope so too! (lookin at his daddy&mummy for approval)

Have a safe journey back to your kampung halaman peopol!And Selamat Hari Raya!!


11 thoughts on “Kids

  1. thanks Aida! yeah,she’s in THAT PHASE of wanting to Eat what we adult EAT u see..haiyo!

    newrin:hahahah..kalo mia esok2 nk kat emmil la,or vice versa!hehe.. 😉
    u too!hv a safe journey bck!

  2. hehe,anak ko leen,mmg relax je ngan muka selamba dia!! hehe, they(mia & emmil) should hang out MORE kan!

    cepat fara,make babies too!its still NOT too late ur kids to catch up!heheheh *pis slamat hari raya !!

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