I pronouce You,Husband & Wife

Coming this November, would be our second year marriage celebrations (and lookin at Mia who just turn 1,i know,i got pregnant pretty fast!heh). Married with a kid in tow, sometimes we tend to be more of a mommy and daddy, rather than as a Husband and a Wife. Day in, day out, everything we do, we do it for our girl, Mia. From feeding her meal/milk, changing and bathing her, entertainin her mischief and antics, basically from am to pm.

Parenthood is a full time job, no denying in that, however, marriage relationship too are as crucial as it is aswell.No amount of excuses, should we disregard the important of becoming a good husband/wife.I think it is true that sometimes, in our enthusiasm in becoming a good parents, we tend to forget how important of becoming a great spouse too. In addition to that, part of becoming a good parent also meant,for us to be nice to our spouse and to treat him/her with as much love and respect as possible. This is also a reminder to myself (and the husband) of course.

Now, this post came out due to a very informative articles I found at parentingchildren blog on “How to Have a Happy Marriage when you’re a Busy Parents” . Go ahead, read on. It has very motivating ways in spicing up our relationships. Married or not, this article totally bring out the best of it.

I can’t help it, but to agree with one of the point,on how to atleast try to ignore the ‘little annoying things’ sometimes our spouses did (dirty socks on the floor,left over food/glass on the table). Instead try to look for the good,overlook the bad. Among other tips are, compliments your spouse! Yes!Compliments are powerful, u just need the Effort to say them! (couldnt agree more!).

Well, let me knw what you think of the article yah!

p/s: oh dedi,Thank you for being the greatest Dad to Mia, and waking me up for Sahur….but,please dun mess up the dining table! tqvm. (compliment & overlook the badside,ok waaaat 😉 )


6 thoughts on “I pronouce You,Husband & Wife

  1. (Advanced) Happy 2nd anniversary to you and your hubby :D. Great post and article. Hmmpph i for one must work on that ‘ignoring the lil’ things’ cuz i mmg suka sgt pick a fight on even the smallest of things. teruk betul kan? hehe 🙂

  2. hetz:thank youuu dear!! tellmebout it..me too !sometimes It.is.just.TO.hard.to.IGnored.u see…hehehe

    hubbyku:oh hello there!ahahahaha i meant the Other dining table darl’ 😉 *wink wink

  3. interesting interesting.. anyway, happy anniversary in advance.. anyway, sometimes we dint realize the small things that we ignored becomes BIG thing to our partner.. nyeh nyeh nyeh

  4. yes, an advance happy anniversary 😀 takut lupa nanti. wow, you got pregnant pretty fast. i always admire mommies who decide to have children fast and their marriage adapt so well. by the way, the bad side + compliment is a good try *wink!*

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