Just by Look

mia at 4month

Friends and family, who knows me personally,would say,my daughter Mia looks so much like her father.If you ask me, honestly, I can’t actually tell, altho’ there is this one part of her,which obviously resemble her & the father. And that would be the neck area (odd,i know!) ,at the back part (belakang tengkuk) . Nope, I havent got the chance to capture it yet, maybe one day ya.

When she was a newborn,I thought she would have small eyes, which runs in both sides of our family. The ‘small eyes’ feature only last during her younger days, now that she’s a big girl now, the eyes somehow grew bigger. However, one distinct feature of Mia, as her mother i think is her eyebrow. Its the arch shape of her eyebrow which reminds me of my dad.

Anyhow,as promise to my friend yan and hetty, a babyhood picture of myself and my hubby,in search whether our baby girl here, has strong traits of her father or me?.

here’s ted,the husband.he can’t recall at what age was that (obviously!),but im guessing,
somewhr around 6-7mth old.at one look, mia does look alot like him.and judging by the expression also, ada la persamaan.can u see?
and that’s me.also, can’t exactly say at what age,but probably around 3-4months old.just got up from my nap, still dazed & confused.heh. ada persamaan tak? ada la jugak kan? hehe..

3 mth old mia,with me in terengganu beach

looking back at Mia baby pictures, reminds me how much she has grown up just in a year time, and those changes she makes into our life, are beyond words could describe.


19 thoughts on “Just by Look

  1. the thing is Ira, you ngan Ted pun mmg dah sebijik. Perfect match eh? So, basically, you, Ted and lil Mia smua sebijik muka. But looking at Ted’s baby pic, the eyebrows r his! Sama!!! Tapi eyebrow you pun shape sama!!! Now I’m confused. I gotta get back to work before this confusion affects it.

  2. hahaha..well,ur not the first to comment on that!BUT tang’ mana yg ted & i sama nih? is it the round face? hahaha..anyways,jgn confius2..its just for fun ;P well,natasha looks so much like jai!

  3. i gotta say, by looking at the baby pictures, byk pulak persamaan between mia and ted the dad! tapi… i hate it when ppl say that about gib! (“eh, ini sebijikk macam bapak diaaa..”) pfffft!! hehehe. macam ni lah.. maybe her looks are like her dad’s, but perhaps her expressions and perangai would follow yours! who knows? πŸ˜€ my husband looks like a carbon-copy of his dad, but expressions and cara cakap semua sebijik pulak macam his mom. so it’s possible, right?

  4. i would say that Mia carries dedicool’s feature but comes to attitude definitely u lah ira..no worries…great mixture in a package !!! now how about Emmil heheheh…..

  5. BabyBooned: so,daddy’s girl it is!! well, i do hope she gets the good character frm us, tho’ im quite worried if inherit the ‘garang’ side of me!hhahahah..yeah,i can be Very strict sometimes.Gibby comel lah!lets get mia & gibby fren-fren.

    leen:fotostat sgt uh.tape laaaaaaa..kasi chance’.esok2 nak duit,mintak kat daddy je lah..hehehe..kata daddy’s girl kan! and Yes,montok kan ‘baby-ted’ kakaka

  6. Hehe, another daddy’s girl this one is πŸ˜€
    But I hv to agree w the rest, you and ur hubby pun look similar lah. :).
    ape2 pun Mia is sooo adorable… so pwetty like japanese baby! :p
    nanti i balik KL nak scan gambar! hehe

  7. kiddo’s mom:same case lah our daughter uh!muka bapak!hehehe..oh no!u too think ted & i look alike?no kidding!!which part seh?

    hetz:yaa looks like she follows her daddy’s look.;P yes yes!sila update ur babyhood pic also yah! consider this as a tag.:)

  8. Ibu Emir:i penah gak org comment mcm tu,muka sama = ada jodoh.ohwell,mintak2 di kekalkan la kan.thx dear!!

    BabyBooned:ni i email nanti,is gibby gonna reply it??hihi..i’ll ask mia to “write something” for gibby,then i tekan button ‘send’ ek. πŸ™‚ oh wow!a tag!ok,will find time to do it.thx!

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