Saluting All Mothers

Of late, I’ve come across few blogs and also, friends who’ll be resigning from work, if not, taking a long unpaid leave to be, what particularly known as Stay At Home Mommy (SAHM). To say the truth, i am full of envy (in a good way). How i wish i too, am able to take the plunge.

In my younger time, probably in my primary school, I remembered wishin my mom was a working mother, just so she won’t have to depend on my dad so much, financially. I went grumbling all by myself, and pray one day, I won’t end up being just housewife, but a successful career women. And so my wish came true. I wouldn’t say I am that successful yet, but I am grateful & happy, I have a job, that can support with my current lifestyle.

My mom did work, tho’ not for long, before she call it quit, and decided to fully take care the three of us (she had us all, one year after another,1979,80,81) . When I asked, what make her quit? She said, she just couldn’t stand with our caretaker back then, who has the tendency smacking us, and she couldn’t tolerate anymore with her. I didn’t realise how much sacrifice my mom did for us all, until I became a mother myself, a year ago. And, how ironic, that i am now, wishing I could be JUST LIKE HER.

Like many working mothers, we would definately jump in a sec-just to be close with our kids. But unfortunately, the situation I’m in, does not allow me to do so. I wouldnt say, the reason per-se because my husband’s income alone can not support us both, but even if he can, i can’t stand thinking I cannot afford giving the best for my daugther(or my children) in years to come. It is just that for now, having some extra money is the best for our family.Tho’ I am working hard to find ways, in such, I have something to fall back on, and can fully take care Mia.

Having said that, SAHM/WAHM or Working Moms, I believe each situation has its best outcomes. Should one day, I decided to join in the SAHM club, I hope my chidlren (and the husband of course) would fully support the decisions and willing to compromise with me. As of now, the title Mother itself, is the Best Job ever.


16 thoughts on “Saluting All Mothers

  1. SAHM and WAHM apa ira? ehehe.

    I agree with you about wanting to stay at home all day with the children. But I don’t think I can ever not work. It’s always been a timeout for me. Work was what I called ‘me’ time. Tapi tu masa muda2, masa takde laki, takde anak, masa tak kisah pasal orang lain but myself je. Lately work has been taking over my homelife as well. And it’s driving me nuts!!!!! (kalau kat pucuk rebung nak tukang angkat telepon ke, nak someone siram2 pokok or jaga pokok ke, u cakap i ek?)

    Anyway, when I started working, I was sooo ‘ghairah’ with the income coming in. I still do get that way, it’s just that now the money has more purpose than just to buy myself material things or a lifetime supply of kuey teow goreng no eggs no taugeh! It’s to support another life other than my own…..

    You’re a powerhouse Ira. Hang in there, you’re doing an amazing job! In the meantime, kita kumpul banyak2 duit, tahun depan you guys can join Jai, Natasha and I gi London, okie dok?

  2. Very well said Ira :). I too think you’re doing an amazing job and I’m sure Mia appreciates what you’re doing for her even if you’re not at home to be with her all day. When it comes to our kids, we all try to do our best right? Here’s hoping your wish of becoming at SAHM comes true some day soon šŸ˜€

  3. good post. yeah, recently i read many bloggers are willing to SAHM even though they have a chance to embark the career. I do too feel envy about that but currently it is not the best time for me to do so as we have more and more commitment that we hv to worry. But enuf said, i hope one day, Allah permits me to join the SAHM club.

  4. great post. i agree with u as well, coz i myself need the financial freedom to do what i want and to provide the best for my kid. and like some others, i am one of those who NEED to be out of the house, and like u said, everyone’s different.

    i’m wishing u the best in catching ur dreams to become a SAHM one day too. hope it will come true for u!!

  5. oh ira, topic ni sangat best.. but i have nothing to say la, it’s all well said, and it’s all very much depends on the individuals…

    dedicool, at home also can generate money whattttt šŸ˜› so learn, learn, LEARN! hehehe

  6. afti:oh wow!city of london!!if only money grows on tree!! friday lunch hour are da best,coz thats the time i can splurge my ‘me-time’ šŸ˜‰ yes dear,here’s to our HOPe & Dream of becomin one successfull SAHM?hehe cheers*

    hetz:oh dear!thx for d’compliment..but hey!ur doin great 4urself too hokay!cheers* to u too!!

  7. mira:yes,thats another issue-commitment we hv to take care of,housingloan,credits debt…and the list goes on.*sigh..anyhw,thx for d support babe!:)

    kiddo’s mom:spot on!financial freedom šŸ˜‰ !heh! thx for d’wish

    dedicool:honey,i got 1001 ideas,..its whether you and i are willing 2execute it jek..hehehe

  8. Aida: its difficult to find a good daycare here, that really measure up to my standard of expectations.but then again,they would never be..coz,no matter hw great they mayb,its a whole lot diff. frm us taking care of our own flesh&blood right. like u hv routines w. ayra!thats great!

  9. ira, i totally agree with you, we need the financial freedom and with an intention we dont want to burden anybody including our hubby, because our demand are quite high šŸ™‚

    on the other side, women nowadays are advice not to quite ur job, like my mum, she is a single mum, luckily she didn’t quit her job, when my father left us.
    after he left she’s need to support 6 of us own her own.. u’ll never know in the future, so we need to buffer ur saving..

    but of course, if possible who dont want to take care their own child, i wish i can..

  10. oh wow, how’d i miss such a great post?! blur lah i ni.

    i love this post of yours. so true and honest. u’ve voiced out all the feelings that a working mom feels.

    whatever choice we make, there’re sacrifices involved. ultimately, we do the best we can, kan? i was a full-time-working-mom as well… now i’m working part-time. i know this arrangement won’t last forever but i’m taking it one day at a time. i salute full-time working moms for their sacrifices, and i salute stay-at-home-moms as well for their sacrifices too.

  11. newrin:owwh single mothers has my respects!and im sure your mom are very proud to hv a wonderful daughter like u :). i believe women nowdays are more open, modern, independent and willing to learn,so its not as hard as those days right.

    BabyBooned: ur working part time?thats nice!yah,every one of us are doin our very best for our kids & family.

  12. Hey Ira, just bumped into your blog while bloghopping @ Yanz

    I have to agree with everyone on the well said thingy. I know every mother wants to nurture and not miss every development of their child in a perfect world but reality is another story kan?

    Wasn’t easy to be SAHM either. jadi human pacifier cam I nanti, LOL!
    But , all in all it’s worth every sweat and tears to see how she grows as I envision her to be.

    Hang in there! You’re doing a great job for yourself, every mom is a supermom in every way šŸ™‚

  13. Zach:oh hi there!thx for bloghopping here šŸ˜‰ human pacifier??!hahah now thats darn funny! ha ah,sure berbaloi lookin at those achievement u made it happen for your kid & the family!

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