Of Lanterns & Mommyhood

My Mia

Two weeks has gone and look at my girl here, gettin’ more and more active by day.A quick update on her milestone. has only 3 1/2 teeth, loves drinking her water frm her sippy straw cup, still eats and poop alot, discover she can climb the sofa,the bouncer,(and even her mommy & daddy) w/o fail, able to escape & wiggle herself out frm our tight hugs, drink lotsa milk!(both frm d’boobie & formula), smile and laugh alot more, but at times can be Very whinning and clingy when she feels exhausted/sleepy, blocks are her fav (food) toys, prefers crawling(fast) then learnin how to walk, hates her walker (since she prefer cruising on her own, by pickin up every bits and pieces frm our floor!gah!), loves standing UP in her highchair ! during her mealtime (these really drives me NUTS!), easily laugh when tickle, less dependant on her binky (yay!) and lastly, she’s one friendly baby,who simply loves meeting & making new (baby) friends.

The Latern Festival

The neigbour invited me over to a potluck, organise by her mommyhood friends last friday. She was kind enough to get us a bug like latern, together w/ small candles to lit it up. I knw,its Ramadhan, but i feel its no harm, hangin out w/ other non-muslim mommies, as i myself in a ‘red flag’. This is not my first time playin laterns, so i was pretty excited to see how it goes this time round.

We came down ard nine pm, together with her two girls to join with the rest of the crowd. It was FUN lookin at kids running around with their laterns in all shapes & sizes. The pool area totally light up with laterns deco, hangin’ ard it. Too bad i didn’t get to capture any of it, as i was busy getting to know new mommy frm other blocks.

Every minutes, i could hear other mommies callin out their kids name, and checkin on ’em just so they are playin nearby and not gettin into trouble (missing!). This got us mommies discussing, how kids these days, we can’t really just let them be independent, and what more left them alone playin on their own. Its just too risky. One mother commented, she sign-up her daughter with taekwondo class for selfdefence, another mother, taught her children never trust a stranger, and was in fact, taught her kids, as to how and what to react if encounter one. And many more ideas and suggestion came up frm the discussions.

I on the other hand, feels very much important to teach Mia, bout’ her body parts (as soon as she’s able to talk & comprehend), if u get what i mean. Its just too scary in the world we’re living now. It’s quite disheartening, in a way, our kids NEED to know (child molester, murder, rape, etc) such things at an early age. I can forsee, parenthood in todays lifestyle, are full of challenges. I pray, myself and the husband, could tackle and handle our child, tactfully.



10 thoughts on “Of Lanterns & Mommyhood

  1. yes! teach em their body parts! my sister and i pun agree macam tu jugak. we teach the kiddies in the house their “proper” bodyparts… and we even talk abt what’s allowed and what’s not allowed. we try to instill the “malu” attitude. it’s such a bad world we live in right now.. i think it’s important for us to tell the kiddies from young to distrust strangers and dont allow strangers to come close to them and so on. sigh. such a hard world! by the way!!!…. your mia is sooo priceless! don’t worry nanti one day mesti all of a sudden she suddenly stands up and shock you with a cat walk. hahaha..

  2. i remember having “the talk” with my mother only at 11 years old and my sister was 10. but i saw a show that the world is so gila now that hv to start as early as 5 years old. amende nak explain to 5 years old? but then again kids now more savvy then before. last time, sorry lah nak malu2 i remember being a tomboy and still refuse to put on baju till i was like 7, always in shorts jer cause i am firstborn and my cousins same age are 3 boys. it sad on how this world has come to children.

  3. BabyBooned: yupp,thats what im saying, nothing is too early to teach them. i read frm this one parenting book,it says that,its Better our kids learn to ASK us(parents) whn they’re young(the sex, the boys,etc) rather than we just let them assume,and find out frm their own / friends. like Aida mention,kids these days are more savvy!mana taknye, baru kindergarten,dah ada hphone camner?but then again,i’ll prolly b one of those parents also..hehehe..bg hphone awal2.its a necessities!

    Aida:yeah, we feel children are only safe under our watchful eyes.but how long can we protect them?50 yrs old? gosh,makes me think,mia can only date,when she’s 30?hahaha,even so,i’ll prolly ask the husband to accompany her!.

  4. hetz:yupp2.doesn’t matter whether we have girls or boys,its all the same danger our children are facing.*sigh

    neri:tak prasan ke berpeluh2 tu haa…tak sempat2 nk pusing sana sini,bila nk amik gbr dia.

  5. yeah, sekarang ni dengan sape2 pun kite tak boleh percaye, even though we are very familiar with our place, it is not safe anymore..

    eh once mia start jalan.. hahah ribut laa rumah 😀

  6. Yeah totally agree with teaching the bodypart thingy, especially the private parts, at 30 months I told her that va jay jay is vagina, I heard mommies telling their daughters it is ‘bunga’ and what not kan. These days kids need to know the ‘real’ thing.

    Somehow Malay words macam tak sedap je bunyi dia, I refrained my friends and family to say it when Aresha’s around, sounds yucky.

    Sex education also very important esp when they started to ask where does baby came from? (followed by, how did the baby get in there?)
    Aresha watched “house of babies’ since she’s 2 1/2 so she already knew she came out from ‘there’!

  7. Zach:i agree with u,the malay version of v-jay jay somehow doesnt sound quite ‘nice’,instead i made up a ‘name’ to call it.heh. hoo yeah, thats a great way also to explain kids these day, just tunjuk je kat tv shows like u mention abv. 😉 thx for ur comment!

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