My little Pocoyo


So,we’ve subscribe cartoons channels for our Mia. Not too early (or late) eh?. Well, we felt rather it is time to expose her to some educational cartoons, like little eistein etc. One of her 1st birthday gifts was, two Pocoyo vcds (frm her aunt aliaa).I’ve come across with these kinda cds before, but didn’t gave a thought that she would actually enjoyed watching it.Jumping and yelping away when i put it on.

You see, before she was born, again,as a first time overly excited mother, i bought a baby einstein dvd. read reviews here and there, and i truly believe it ‘could’ at less soothe my baby, entertain her, and get her engage to watch it. But little did i know, not all babies are the same, and Mia didn’t enjoy much as thought she would.kejap-kejap aje she would watch it, and simply ignored it few minutes later.

Anyhow, just as i was about to update this post, i came across with an interesting article, regarding about the same topic as im posting here. A review from a new book, by Lisa Guernsey, on the topic, Into the Minds of Babes: How Screen Time Affects Children from Birth to Age Five, who did a research on young children watching tv.

Here’s an lil’ excerpt from here and here:

One of the most intesting parts of the Salon interview is about the effects that background noise from tv and radio can have on young children. Guernsey cites a study which found that infants and toddlers have a very difficult time sorting out spoken language in the home when its competing with background noise. Background noise also may affect the way in which children interact with their toys and the amount of interaction parents have with children.

Guernsey weighs in on the “educational” programming controversy and mentions some shows she thinks draw on solid research about how kids learn (like Blues Clues). She also looks at the link between tv watching and obesity and you may be surprised by the findings.

What most interests us about the book is that Guernsey writes as both a reporter and mother. She’s not out to judge and she’s open and frank about the role television plays in her own household – and how it’s changed as a result of her research.

Guernsey comes off as neither an opponent of kids under 5 watching videos — her own did, and still do — nor as an apologist for the much-hyped educational claims of many baby videos and interactive games. Notably, she finds as much for parents to be concerned about in background television (when a TV is just left turned on for hours on end even if no one is watching it) as anything that’s explicitly made for young kids

My oppinion in this issues,is that… anything we do, do it in moderation.No doubt, too much exposure to tv (or video games) at a very young age is not something we would want our kid to get so engross with, and become the ‘little couch potato’. The key here is moderation.

For me, it is nothing wrong to let kids watch tv, there’s plenty of good educational shows shown for kids thesedays. Sesame Streets is consider one of the oldest great shows for kids,imo. But of course, i reminded this to myself aswell, do not rely on tv so much (e.g to buy time-like take showers,housechores), do teach her to learn to entertain herself as well with books or toys.


10 thoughts on “My little Pocoyo

  1. oh.. forgot to tell you that, afiq loveeeesssss pocoyo big time!!! that is one series that can glued him from start to end other than lil einstein.. and yes i couldn’t agree less, anything we do, do it in moderation!!

  2. hey yazid loves pocoyo too! every morning my maid sure kasi dia tgk. 🙂
    a little bit of tv wouldnt hurt, if anything it can be educational. asalkan dia tak hog the TV and wouldnt let us parents watch our own shows sudah la kan?

  3. crap lah, everything in moderation and i grew up on sesame street and never have ADD/ADHD and so did my 7 other siblings. we let avarayna watch tv though she is not interested in it. for some reason, dont know why the pantene advertisement kat sini always get her attention. the rambut kot cause hers so short still!

  4. mom2que & hetz: i google bout’ pocoyo,seems like there’s also a pcoyo blog!!hehe
    oh hetz…that’s right,when it comes to my fav show,noone can interupt me.(but then again, tatau ler esok2 kalo meronta2 nak gak tgk her cartoons,then..gotta get a new tv set?sheeshh….too much lak spoil!)

    aida:hahahah prolly she’s wondering,when is her hair gonna grown long like in the advert?hehe 😉

  5. totally in agreement with your point of view! nothing wrong with TV lah as long as they dont get obsessed with it! my husband’s siblings are all veryy much into TV but they all turned out really really well. other factors play a part as well. kalau dah sleep time, or eating time, tv off. exam time, tv off. ada limits lah. so good on you for wanting mia to have the right kind of shows to watch 🙂

  6. i bought lil einstein for emir too, same lah kes macam mia, buang karen je beli bende tu.. emir tak enjoy pun.. lima minit pun ntak sampai..pocoyo – its new too me!! tak penah dengar pun..will look fwd for it.. and yes, tv tak salah, to me its how kite didik anak2..

  7. BabyBooned: tu ler,i pun kecik2 suka tgk tv,hehe..and i think i turn out hokay too. 🙂 how r u btw?hope ur feelin well d’ !

    mira:to some baby it might work w/this baby einstein dvd ni, but too bad our kids doesn’t uh.luckily i only bought One (mozart),and not the whole set. oOO..try la,pocoyo tu!i love the intro’ song..mia tergedik2 tgk..hehe

  8. kat mana nak beli ni??? i haven’t heard of it too.. what’s the age target?? wanna learn more…

    p/s: i bought baby mozart too, it helped sometimes la depending on her mood… kadang2 can watch for 20 mins, kadang2 4 mins je hehehehehe

  9. we download and my girl mmg suka the BE numbers, i think because of the puppets, she dont like the rest, too boring and plus only music no talking at all. at least the numbers nyer interactive sikit.

  10. kiddo’s mom:can get it at toys’r us store,dekat cds sections (which normally located near the cashier area). give it try! the cartoon has very simple drawing w/ plain white backgrd,which i think makes kids enjoy lookin at those characters (coz it stands out)!!

    Aida:hoo ya!thats a brilliant idea.we shud just download it..but ah, if she starts to conquer my lappy,habis lah i.. 😉

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