Our Date Movie

We went back to the husband’s kampung halaman last weekend, to celebrate Ramadhan with the family, all together breaking-fast and sahur. That was my First time! Last Ramadhan, i was in still in confinement mode, so the whole month was spend at my parent’s hometown-not fasting ofcz,heh. Anyhw, on the second day, both dedicool and myself (together w/ Mia) decided to go out and get some of our toileteries stuff.

As we entered the mall, dedicool thought of catching a movie. I say, WHY NOT! since we have plenty of time, before breaking fast and..Mia, well, ..we thought WHY NOT give it a TRY, bring her along in the cinema. It’s been quite sometime since both of us watch a movie. Timing was pretty hokay, coz we predicted Mia would doze off later in the cinema.

So we decided to watch,Ratatouille. It’s a kids/cartoon movie,so we’re playin safe here.In hope, no angry adults gives us the STARE if we were to catch on some serious flick. Got into the no.5 cinema.Purposely, pick the almost last row, last seat lane, in case Mia turns out making a scene later. easy to ‘escape’. It was a small cinema, not too pack with people.Cool.Just nice.

As the lights goes off, dedicool fed Mia her milk.And later, we gave Mia her biscuits.She behaved quite well,..for the first hour.But, later.. as she kept fidgeting, and got bored i *think,and beginin to ‘voice out’ her voice, we each take turn took her outside, to distract & play with her. After awhile, she got a lil’ tired, ..and slowly doze off by herself. I quickly went back in, and manage to catch another half an hour of the movie before it ended.

Since the movie was a light one, so i didn’t miss that much of the movie.Hell,it was damn hillarious movie!Totally enjoyed it together with my baby & my husband. Shall we do it again? We’ll see. 🙂

On a totally different note, here’s mia latest youtube.She pick up real fast, learn it frm her fellow cousins!Blowing the whistle.


4 thoughts on “Our Date Movie

  1. u brought mia to movie..??? seriously !!! wowwwww *speechless…i dont dare to do the same dgn emmil..sekali dia bukak high notes dia..abessss ah hehehe….but then, kudos to Mia..ur first entry to the cinema..later can go together with emmil bila besar ek..mommies nak shopping..!!!

  2. kiddo’s mom: hehe..we just test2,so tak sangka it worked! wait ayra big abit,u guys give it a try!sure sure link up,i linked u up already..sorry,didnt asked u earlier.

    leen:tunggu dia besar skit aa leen! ni pun brani bawak,coz it was kinda at the right timing (her afternon nap). btw jom jom buka pose sama!!

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