The Party Story

So, she’s officially one last Sunday. And yes!yes!yes! we had a mini party for her.Nothing fancy, no theme, no goodies bag or whatnots, just a simple party for close friends & family.

The birthday girl decided to wake up pretty late then her usual time, which was around 10 am.I on the other hand, busy preparing ( oh no!not food..!hehe,i cater most of it) stuff to bring over to my parent’s place (yupp,the party was held there, since the space is bigger and we thought its easier for friends to park their cars over,as compared to our aprt areas). By noon, i’m all done, and prepared to get the party princess to sleep. As if she knew, her party was gonna happen that evening, she acted up a lil’ “drama”, but i was pretty firm, as i wouldnt want to have a cranky baby on her birthday, so i forced her to sleep. Manage to do that by 1pm, and she slept til 3pm.Good enough!

Let’s get the party started
By 4.30pm, guest arrived. I was glad, most of ’em manage to find ways to our parent’s aprt.Of course,credits to dedicool, he did the map in details (with the landmarks and logos)! Tho’ some couldn’t make it,that’s totally ok, their birthday wishes (sms) meant alot already. Mia got pretty excited, with the arrival of her mini friends. I’ve come to realise on that day, she has MORE boy-friends as compared to girls!!!

Candle Blowing
We later gather all around to sing the Birthday Song to Mia. Unfortunately,Mia refuse to wear her partyhat.

Just as all of us, finish singing, without warning, she whip up the nearest cupcakes’ icing (my mistake,to place it too near to her) and gobble it into her mouth!i was too surprise to even do anything!too bad, i forgot to instruct someone to video the was totally priceless!haha. She did however, clap clap clap after everyone laugh looking at what she did.

Luckily, we brought along Mia’s toys for the party, as most of the kids/babies enjoy playing with it. The party decor and banner, was nicely done with the help of my brothers and my dad. My mom, she prepared the most delish salads. Earlier, i was quite worried about the food (one of my biggest fear, is not enough food for the guest), but alhamdulilah, we still have some left overs.

All in all, we had so much fun and enjoyed the day. We really appreciate your time to come over to this humble party.Thank you so much for the wonderful and great gifts for our daughter. Rest assure, she’ll enjoy each and every toys/books she received. As for Mia, she was soOOoo happy and content that day, she ends up sleeping at 9pm! busy melayan tetamu katakan.

The rest of the party pictures can be view at her flickr.


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