that was me allright, exactly some 12 months ago. waiting patiently (and anxiously) for the arrival of my Princess Mia. i remembered telling myself, how i must try to avoid epidural, try to endure natural birth, busy preparing and making sure everything is tip top ready. but,of course, Allah Al-Mighty , had better and greater plan for me. I had to undergo a c-section, my labor was ..pretty long i would say ( 8am til the next morning). so, do i miss being pregnant? Oh Yes! i’m sure all first time mothers, would definately agree with me, the feelin of our baby first movement(kick) in our womb! it’s totally priceless! tho’ i wont deny, towards the last 9 month, i can’t hardly wait to POP! and fit back into my usuals self (which actually doesnt fit right away!). t0 whoever soon to be mommy, enjoy this 9mth pregnancy adventure!! 🙂

“mia darling,thats You in there!so, jgn derhaka to mummy ok! heheheh..”


8 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. Wow this picture’s so cool. I regret not taking many photos when I was pregnant.
    Anyway we all dream of having the perfect delivery, but at the end of the day, its all beyond our control. Whats impt is our babies r healthy and well, no matter what the mode of delivery is. 🙂

  2. i avoided taking pix during my pregnancy because i hated the way i looked.. but i did enjoy the 9 months..and often flash back to that period of time… because it was indeed beautiful, feeling life growing inside u…I guess all mommies do, yes? n just like you, i had to have a c-sect too…btw, that’s a nice belly u got there.. i am envious becoz i will never look like that pregnant! for me..everything just swells up ’cause my body retains water easily..they call it ‘gemuk air’…ughhh…

  3. mira: blom lgi bday nye..wkend ni!!gawd,she’s turnin 1 soon. 🙂 preggie? gimme abitt more time..hehehe..

    mdr: c-sect or not, main thing the baby is safe with us kan. alar,i feel HUGE too during my pregnancy,strech mark here thr,tak npk je tu… 😛

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