I'm a Mini Model

A friend asked a favor from us,whether Mia could model for her online biz website. Of course we were more than happy to help her. But, what we didn’t realise, HOW difficult it was to capture nice shots of her. Both dedicool and myself, attempt entertainin Mia and try to keep her stand/sit still, which didnt last long. I was like a “crazy” mommy singing and dancing, and trying to get Mia’s attention (by using her toys)!! gawd! I wonder how those baby advert on tele was shot!

And definately, it wasn’t done in one day. It took us (or rather dedicool) more than two weeks to get it done.Sorry Moli! Anyhow,here’s the final results.

Check out the website’s baju kurung promotion, for the Raya festive! Sorry, for Girls only peeps!


13 thoughts on “I'm a Mini Model

  1. hi ira and cute little mia,

    no wonder la when i look at mia’s pics in lilcaliph, tgk very familiar la this cute little girl:) rupa2nya ur daughter (selalu tgk gmbr mia in leen’s FP)

    nway, booked one baju kurung for my hani too, eventhough she’s not 1 yet, but hey why not right… cute betul laaa mia geram sungguh

    btw, since ada dua anak dara berbaju kurung ni, jom ngorat emmil, apa lg leen 😛

  2. hetz: thx hetz!ur boy are adorable too!! i gotta admit, it was fun indeed ‘trainin’ Mia to look at her dedi’s cammy,but..sadly camera ‘besar’ je dia tgk,the small (aka mummy’s cam) tak layan langsung!

    poshberry: perhaps,u could buy it now?,manatau later2 you hv a baby girl for the Next one? hehe..btw mana gbr ur boy? nak tgk.

  3. leen: what? tv advert? hahahhaa..she has her days la leen,..sometimes Ok sometimes Not, biasa la babies kan.. thx leen!

    oh..haa tu dedicool shud get d credits aswell,tukang tangkap gbr!and post-editting .. 😉

  4. newrin: hi there! so i heard u’ve make bookin for hani’s aswell!great great! bley la nanti we take our kids berkunjung in their mini kurungs to emmil’s hse this raya..and KUTIP DUIT RAYA!hahaha..

    ok,gotta start trainin her how to salam ppl 🙂

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