First Teeth

Finally,mia’s first baby teeth came out about a month ago, nicely located at the bottom of her front teeth.

This is yet another milestone,we’ve been waiting for sometime.Since she was about 6mth old, she started to drool alot,and we thought “hokay,..this could be it! she’s teething, nak tumbuh gigi tak lama lagi nih” .So we waited..and waited..and Waited, there’s still no sign of teeth coming out anytime soon.

Then one day, out for sudden, she caught fever.Of course,we were worried,… but lookin how active and happy she was, we felt it could be just a mild one. The very next day, the fever subside.As i was scooping to feed her bfast,I notice something in her gum.Its the Teeth!!boy was i excited.Anyhow,it’s never too early to teach my baby on how important dental hygiene,by brushing her teeth.

Brush Up

Bought this First Teeth brush for RM19.90 during Parenthood fair,held in MV few weeks ago (you can still get in Guardian store).Manage to get a sample of the toothpaste aswell,tho’ the saleguy persuade me into buyin the toothpaste together(which cost rm39 btw!), but i decline it, as i feel..for Now,brushing it just with plain water will do.But we did tried on the sample,it taste sedap,coz of the banana flavor.Furthermore, the paste is somehow design in such that its Ok to swallow it,since obviously baby at mia’s age wouldnt know how to spit out like us adult.

Here’s a sneek-peek photos we took lastnite brushing her teeth.

“this is the way i brush my Teeth,brush my Teeth,brush my teeth”

as you can see, she bites the thing most of the time.


4 thoughts on “First Teeth

  1. What a coincidence, Yazid pun baru tumbuh 2 gigi kat bawah, just like Mia’s 🙂
    Which reminds me, I also need to get one of those toothbrush thinggy. will head to Guardian after work then. hehe

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