Mr.Goverment,Hear Me Out!

I’ve been meaning to write about this matter for some time. When you’re a mother, you begin to realise some things are not only nice to have, but rather Must Have.Here’s some suggestions.

Mom on the Go


The idea going out alone with our baby, like what i sometime did myself, is fun and a great feeling. Just to two of us, cruising and enjoying each other company. However,there’s Two thing which makes it abit difficult during the outing. Public toilet and Fitting room.

When it comes to an emergency momment, like having to go the loo, there’s where im stuck. There’s no way i could leave my baby all by herself in her stroller by the toilet door, or even take her inside with me, coz firstly, if the toilet is a squating type, then there’s no easy way for me to hold her AND pee, secondly not many toilet are clean enough for me to bring her in.

So what i normally do, tahan lor.I know, its bad…but so far i manage to do it. But,I guess, next time round, i better search the disable toilet, which is more roomy and spacious for me to wheel in the stroller with her (tho’ some of it are being lock,have to ask the cleaner).

Anyhow, the picture above, is called The Babykeeper which act like a infant carrier, that hangs from the stall wall in most public restrooms, and can also be used in many public fitting rooms. cool isn’t it?!My parents did told me about this stuff they found when they where in the US. My regret is that, they didnt buy it!

Wacha’ Lookin At?
back then, when i still did my pumping session, i just do it at my own cubicle(hint: nursing cover) i’m blessed to have a place where it is quite private, from men walking about (tho’ there this one incident a guy friend came over and ask why was i covered up like that- my excuse was i feel cold!).

However, it’ll be great, if my office (or the company) to provide a private room for working/nursing mommies who need a place to express their breast milk privately. There are some offices out there (e.g Intel), which provide this kind of amenities for such activity. Good for em’, for being a such prihatin employer.

I hope the goverment do look into this matter seriously.A happy working mommy, with a happy working environment, will definately perform in their working field,right?!

So,tell me mommies out there, is there anything else which i miss out on Things We Mothers Wish what we here in Malaysia should have.


4 thoughts on “Mr.Goverment,Hear Me Out!

  1. they should be baby room for the fathers in the shopping mall, at recent, we can see it is unspoken rule that only mummy je yang boleh masuk baby room. so the fathers can use this reason not to help us to at least change the diapers ..

  2. i was still single in malaysia so never checked it out but we have these things in canada, dont know if malaysia ade tak.

    in most major shopping malls and airports, there is family changing room, its a big room with toilet, sink and baby changing area. you can wheel in a regular single stroller and father and mother can go in this room.

    – there is nursing room in most shopping malls and in this room there is rocking chair to nurse the baby and toys for any older children to play while waiting.

    – regular toilet here has a wheelchair accessible area in which the bathroom stall is 3 times bigger so i can normally wheel in a small stroller. some of them hv baby changing station in it with straps so i can strap her and do my thing on toilet.

    – there are changing station in both male and female toilet her so sometimes my husband can change her in male change toilet while i continue shopping.

    but that thing hanging at the door you hv here….PRICELESS!!

  3. aida!right on!thats what we NEED here!
    special toilet room for family/single mom/dad w/ small baby to handle on their own.
    as for the nursing room,yeah ..we do hv it here dah, got improvement lah.
    some are really nicely deco,…some just ‘blah’.. but ok la, daripada tade langsung rite?!
    i wouldnt know/care how important such things are…till im a mommy myself. 😉
    thanks for sharing aida!

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