Keep it or Put 'em away?

i need some advice here.

feeding bottles

should i still keep the more than 6mth old bottles? or stash ’em away?  if keep it, whats the best way to do it? put it in a box/plastic? but wouldn’t that later makes the bottle turns yellowish color & ugly lookin?

breastpump parts

i’ve clean, wash and wipe it dry, but how come it still turns out oily and looks like its gonna turn yellowish color too?! then how lei’.. im gonna maintain it for my second baby.


i cant wait to take mia OFF from her gettin tired of washin it everytime it drops, and getting it for her when she needs it, and making sure we don’t forget to bring it everytime we went out.again, some advice how to AT LEAST gradually, makes her lose interest in it.

i need to find whats the best way to store mia’s ever growing toys.but i think i knw the answer. (hint:ikea…teehee)

but, so far i’ve manage to fold up and keep mia’s out grown baby clothes tuck safely in a recycle box, and place ’em in a seal plastic bag (the zippo bag) . only left, the labelling part.

there are some of mia’s baby items, we manage to sell-off, ..some were bought earlier just because it was something ‘nice to have’ and that too, needed to let go. we despreately need more space in the house, so less clutter home is what im trying to achieve here.

good luck to me.


7 thoughts on “Keep it or Put 'em away?

  1. feeding bottles

    i still used it.. mira gune yang memang nak gune je.. yang lain it still nicely wrap for the baby..

    yeah, same prob.. no solutions

    last time emir was like that. then i told my maid, its not good.. so gradually memang maid tak kasik laa, but in the end.. die asyik nak melekat je lah.. if im not around kaalu nak tidur, my maid will massage him sampai one hour..

    kalau tanak bagi EMir.. hahahaha


  2. ermmmm my aunty dulu sapu ubat dkt pacifier..letak kat tips dia jek…very thin…terus his son tanak…mmg anak dia tak suka lah lama2..but don’t know whether is gud to do that.

  3. mira: no solutions gak ek for the pump..? sigh. i guess, gotta buy a NEW one later then..hehehe.
    as for the pacifier, sometimes she CAN go w/o it..cuma, kita je worried,bila keluar2 tu kalo tak bawak kan.

    leen:i think, puting tu, kasik can’ ah til she’s 1…then,im gonna TRY to sorok/ test a few trick on her

  4. If u havent, try the Pureen bottle/nipple/vegetable/fruit wash. Just rendam dalam solution tu and it’ll dissolve the milk fat which is the main cause for the oiliness. So bottles/pumps/nipples/etc end up squeaky clean with no residue.

  5. hi ira…
    just wanna share w u,
    my doctor ckp that baby bottles should only use max 5-6 months.
    Same thing goes with the puting. this has something to do w molekul2 plastic pecah whenever you panas+sejuk kan botol tue bla..bla..bla.. something like that ler..
    ala mcm mineral bottle tue, remember ada this one time they dont allow you to reuses these bottles kan… lebih kurg sama ler alasan dia.

    Pureen bottle/nipple/vegetable/fruit wash tue mmg best laa..marvelous, senang sgt nk basuh bottles.

    org dulu2 ckp, kalau nk bg baby xmo hisap pacifier lagi, bubuh sikit cuka kat puting tue..bila rasa masam, die mesti takmo lagi….

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