Tag: The Many ways my child try to avoid bedtime/naptime

My first tag from a blogger. How interesting!Aida originated it herself. She has a daughter with such lovely name Avarayna and like mia too, she’s 11mth old.September babyyyy!

Of late, Mia’s nap time has change quite alot, since she’s pretty much mobile and loves trying new things on her own, and don’t mind falling & failing in a few attempt of her own.

Anyhow, here are Mia’s ten ways of avoiding her bedtime.

1. try to wiggle herself out from myself or her daddy, from hugging her tight.

2. babbles alot, as if tellin me she DOES NOT need her sleep…now.

3. unnessary cry w/o tears, as in just to get my (our) attention

4. when try to put her on our bed, by my side, she’ll roll herself in all kinds of possition, e.g placing her head at my tummy, her feet on my head!bertuah punya budak!

5.try to annoy me by doing things for sure she’ll get a scream from me, e.g try to lick the carpet/floor, pickin up foreign object and puts it in her mouth.

6. punggah the tv cabinet which has stacks of magazines and books.

7. and then, now …know how to tear em!!arghhhhh

8. pinch me here and there. it hurts, seriously!! with those forever long nails of hers..sakit ooOO..

9. oh!like Ava , Mia too loveeesss putting her finger in my mouth and try to figure out what in there, and somtimes try to scratch it!gah!!

10. pat on her daddy’s buncit tummy!! hahahahah

And now, as im typing this it’s 12 am midnite…Mia is playing cak-cak behind my back, happily!!

1. Notify the person you tag them.
2. Start header with “The many ways my child tries to avoid bedtime/naptime”.
3. Tag anyone you want after that.

i’m tagging

1.Leen ( babe!u need to update your blog lah!so,here’s an idea ;P)
2. Afti ( perhaps, this could release your stress dear? )
3. Mira


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