Ted rushes back to his hometown moment ago, as he received news, a relative passed away earlier today. He decided not to bring us along, as he’ll be back tommorow, and not wanting to trouble myself & mia.

So, just me and my daughter for the Saturday.

Tonite, for the longest time … we’ll be sleepy just together without daddy around. At times like this, im happy she still co-sleep with me. Tho’ she sleep quite ‘lasak‘ … till im left almost at the edge of the bed.

Looking back, i’m grateful ..we seldom be left alone for a long time together, as Ted’s current job doesnt require him to travel much. Tho’ it’ll be nice, once in awhile he gets to go somewhere nice and we get to tag along.

I’ve always have respect for single moms, and wife/mother whos husband only comes back during weekends, where they have to handle the housechores, the kids by themselves.These women i consider strong and truly independent.

Of course, some do have their maids / helper or mother / in laws to take care and look after the kids. That’s fine. But at the end of the day, im sure most wifes would love to have their husband by their side, being there for the kids and of course for us (physically & emotionally).

A dear friend told me, woman can almost do everything. Not to sound too feminisim, but i believe in that too.

I better stop now, we better get some sleep now. Tommorow is a Big Day for mommy & mia together gether.


3 thoughts on “Duo

  1. Yeah, not only my hubs, i pun bersyukur sebab tak de travelling sangat.. Agree with u, ,those who holds Single mum title, salute to them, its not easy to do everything on our own.. even tho people call us as super mom..

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