Another Month Another Milestone

My soon to be 11 month old Mia, has lotsa antics goin on now. She babbles alot, she loves cruising and crawling and standing up on her own with the support anything nearby her. She eats and poops alot too. She’s very clingy to myself and hubby. To new faces, she’ll take up some time to warm up untill she’s comfortable enough for others to hold or carry her. She already ‘kena jentik‘ from me…hehe..alar,just to teach her not to mess with mommy’s stuff. And yeah, she cried… for awhile, then proceed to ‘tidy up’ the mess.

Anyhow, here’s her latest stunt! out the last part. 😉

On a side note, tonite we wont be able to watch any shows on Astro.what a bummer! There’s been a repainting of our apartment building, and it seems that they ‘accidently’ shifted our Astro decoder positions, so.. our the signal was cut off.Arghhh..!! Called the management to rectify the problem, and only tommorow the painter guy/mgmt will check for us, since its already passed their office hour.

Guess, tonite we have to stick to tv tiga or ntv tujuh or channel lapan la nampaknye.


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