Win or Lose

This is a belated post.Two weeks ago,we had our company’s Family Day.There’s a competition for Bayi Sihat, so .. as a first time mommy, i’m excited to take part as well. And so, when the day comes, i dressed Mia up, nothing fancy, just skirt, a white top with a blue multi colors flowers embroideried.


There were of course lotsa babies and children playin and boucing around when we arrived. But, as expected, the event didnt start on time,.. it was drag almost an hour late. When it actually begins, each parents was to que-up to sign up their babies’s name, and took his/her weight and height. Later on, the judges called up one by one, to judge the babies based on their friendliness, health, and personality.

I could see, some parents who seem to be Very confident her baby will sure win.There’s baby in Pooh outfit, Tiger, in Princess dresses…hai,macam-macam style lah. And this particular lady, looks rather .. anxious,waiting for her kid’s turn, until maybe she forgot she was wearing her daughter’s crown?.heh.what a sight.

Mia was the 15th name to be called in the 6-12 month category. The judges asked few questions on her health & hobbies then proceed to checked her bum (im assuming, to see whether she has a bad rash/ or a nice bum). The lady judge gave Mia two balls, just to see how she react,but..being Mia, she’s very reserve when it comes to adult/strangers (should have known). If its a kid,she’s ok.

Somehow, i sense the event will take longer time then i expected, we decided to just leave it, and proceed to other fun activities outside. I wouldn’t wanna wait until Mia gets cranky. So, yeah… Mia didnt win, but we got goodie bag filled with parenting magazine. Good enough.

More pic at fotobymia


Updated: Yesterday i received a call from our HR dept, the lady said, Mia did win something.. so, gonna collect it in later.yay!


7 thoughts on “Win or Lose

  1. mira,kalo kakak tu tau… mesti dia suka kot..hehehe… bet she love the attentions. 🙂 *peace akak if u happen to bump in here!

    leen: either that…or she totally forgot bout’ it…!!

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